Press Announcements

Smoke and fire devastating Maui's landscape

Inside the Inferno: What the Maui Fires Mean for Hawaii—and the World

As wildfires devastated Hawaii, Geography's Professor Lisa Benton-Short explained how climate change fanned the disaster’s flames.

Dog on a bench and smiling

Dogs With Less Complex Facial Markings Found to Be More Expressive in their Communication with Humans

In a new study, Anthropology's Courtney Sexton explores a dog's facial markings and how expressive they appear when communicating with humans.

Jet structure of GRB 221009A

New study describes unique jet structure of brightest gamma-ray burst ever

Physics' Brendan O'Connor and Professor Alexander van der Horst co-authored a study describing the unique jet structure of the brightest gamma-ray burst ever.

Alexander Dent

GW Anthropologists Discuss Cellular Technology

In a GW media Relations video, GW Anthropology professors Alexander Dent, Joel Kuipers and Joshua Bell discuss the benefits of studying cell phone use. 

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a variety of social media apps

GW Researchers Develop Online Hate Speech “Shockwave” Formula

Neil Johnson, professor of physics, co-authored a study to create a novel formula that demonstrates how and when hate speech spreads throughout social media.

Joseph Cordes interviewing on a video

Is the Debt Ceiling Still Relevant?

TSPPPA's Joseph Cordes, professor of economics, public policy and international affairs, was interviewed in a video on the relevance of the debt ceiling.

Brendan O'Connor

Unique Jet Structure of Gamma-Ray Burst: 3 Questions with Brendan O'Connor

Physics graduate student Brendan O'Connor was interviewed in a video about the unique jet structure of the brightest gamma-ray burst of all time.

Francys Subiaul

GW Study Explores Human Cultural Learning and Evolution

A study led by the Speech and Hearing Department's Associate Professor Francys Subiaul offers new insights into why human cultures become more complex over time.

David DeGrazia

Should AI Systems Have Rights? 3 Questions with David DeGrazia

David DeGrazia, Elton Professor of Philosophy, was interviewed in a video about the potential consciousness of artificial intelligence.

Inka Unku

Unique Discovery Offers Glimpse of Provincial Culture in Inka Empire

A new study co-authored by Anthropology's Jeffrey Splitstoser examines the Inka Empire’s instruments of culture and control through a well-preserved article of clothing discovered in a centuries-old...