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GW Study Links Offline Events to Spikes in Online Hate Speech

Trigger events, such as protests and elections, often lead to an increase in numerous types of online bigotry toward a wide range of targeted groups.

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Research News Alert: Sudden Spin-down Event Illuminates Magnetar Mystery

A new paper published in Nature Astronomy is shedding light on magnetars, whose attributes remain poorly understood.

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GW Expert Discusses the Future of Generative AI

GW Expert Discusses the Future of Generative AI

GW PhD Student Plays Key Role in Gamma-Ray Burst Discovery

The unique cosmic explosion rattles scientists’ understanding of long gamma-ray bursts.

How Do We Learn About Other People?

Humans rely on a combination of previous knowledge and perceptions about a person’s characteristics when judging others’ personalities, a new study shows.

GW Professor’s HAVEN Project Targets Black Youth Suicide Crisis

A GW psychology professor is focusing on a mental health crisis that has largely played out in the shadows: the Black youth suicide emergency.

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Losing the Battle for Hearts and Minds Early in a Crisis

New study led by Physics' Neil Johnson shows how Facebook users became entangled with online communities opposed to best-science guidance early in the pandemic.

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New GW Study: What You Know Changes How You See Things

People perceive objects differently depending on their prior experience with that object, according to a new study from Psychology's Sarah Shomstein.

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Researchers Discover New Species of Salamander From Gulf Coastal Plains Hotspot

A team of researchers led by the Department of Biological Sciences' Alexander Pyron discovered a new species of swamp-dwelling dusky salamander from the Gulf Coastal Plain of southeastern Mississippi...

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First In-Person Show in Two Years: GW Corcoran School of the Arts and Design Reopens to the Public with the NEXT Generation of Artists

Emerging artists at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design presented their work at the first, in-person major student show in two years. NEXT, an annual showcase, features graduating students’...