Press Announcements


Historical Emergence of Periodical Cicadas From Brood XIX

Biology's John Lill discusses the emergence of Brood XIX in Missouri and Arkansas, two of 17 states set to witness this historical insect phenomenon this spring.


Online Hate Thrives and Survives on Smaller Social Media Platforms, Study Finds

GW Physics Department research published in the journal npj Complexity shows that online hate thrives because of a hidden inner web of many small social media platforms.

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GW Study Finds Link Between Anti-Black Sentiment and Widespread Support for Political Violence in America

A GW research team led by Professor of Political Science Andrew Thompson conducted an experiment to try to tap into top of mind ideas about the changing demographics in the US.


GW Expert Shares Three Ways Consumers Can Improve Media Literacy During the 2024 Election Season

Professor of digital storytelling Imani Cheers underscores the importance of media literacy during election seasons.


Researchers Name Prehistoric Amphibian Ancestor Discovered in Smithsonian Collection After Kermit the Frog

Calvin So, a GW doctoral student and the lead author on the paper, suggested naming the creature after Kermit to spark excitement about museum collection discoveries.


New Research Identifies What to Say to Someone After Experiencing a Broken Marriage Engagement

Communication professor Wendy Riemann describes the helpful, and not so helpful ways, to offer social support to those who recently ended a marriage engagement.


Snakes do it faster, better: How a group of scaly, legless lizards hit the evolutionary jackpot

Research Study by GW biologist Alexander Pyron proposes snake evolutionary speed spurred their diversity explosion.


GW Research Explores How People Make a Snap Judgment About Unfamiliar Dogs

SA study by researchers at the GW Genomics Lab led by Brenda Bradley finds that even dogs’ faces provoke instant judgement from people who don’t know them.


GW Luther W. Brady Art Gallery Hosts Exhibition Honoring Carroll Sockwell

GW Luther W. Brady Art Gallery honors Carroll Sockwell, a D.C. art luminary from the '60s to '92, and Corcoran School of Art alumnus.


Predicting and Controlling Bad Actor AI Activity in a Year of Global Elections

As the U.S. and other countries gear up for elections, a GW research team led by physics' Neil Johnson predicts escalation of AI-driven bad-actor activity.