Press Announcements

Close up of a teneral-stage adult cicada

Unearthing the Ecological Impacts of Cicada Emergences on North American Forests

Biology's John Lill unveils the cascading effects of periodical cicada emergence on forest ecosystems ahead of a historic convergence emerging in spring 2024.

Combating Distrust Online

Combating Distrust Online: New GW Study Explains Why Current Messaging Efforts May Not Be Effective

A new research study led by Physics' Professor Neil Johnson shows that online distrust has become a 'glocal' phenomena.

Turtle Ant Worker Moving Between Nests

New Research Reveals Dynamic Factors Shaping Biodiversity at Small Scales

In a new study, Scott Powell, associate professor of biology, and Max Adams, former GW postdoc, looked at arboreal ants in a Florida forest to better understand biodiversity.

Adam Dean, Professor of Political Science

Unionized Nursing Homes 78% More Likely to Report Workplace Injury and Illness Data to OSHA

Political Science's Adam Dean published a new study saying that nursing homes that unionize are more likely to report workplace injury and illness data to OSHA.

Smoke and fire devastating Maui's landscape

Inside the Inferno: What the Maui Fires Mean for Hawaii—and the World

As wildfires devastated Hawaii, Geography's Professor Lisa Benton-Short explained how climate change fanned the disaster’s flames.

Dog on a bench and smiling

Dogs With Less Complex Facial Markings Found to Be More Expressive in their Communication with Humans

In a new study, Anthropology's Courtney Sexton explores a dog's facial markings and how expressive they appear when communicating with humans.

Jet structure of GRB 221009A

New study describes unique jet structure of brightest gamma-ray burst ever

Physics' Brendan O'Connor and Professor Alexander van der Horst co-authored a study describing the unique jet structure of the brightest gamma-ray burst ever.

Alexander Dent

GW Anthropologists Discuss Cellular Technology

In a GW media Relations video, GW Anthropology professors Alexander Dent, Joel Kuipers and Joshua Bell discuss the benefits of studying cell phone use. 

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a variety of social media apps

GW Researchers Develop Online Hate Speech “Shockwave” Formula

Neil Johnson, professor of physics, co-authored a study to create a novel formula that demonstrates how and when hate speech spreads throughout social media.

Joseph Cordes interviewing on a video

Is the Debt Ceiling Still Relevant?

TSPPPA's Joseph Cordes, professor of economics, public policy and international affairs, was interviewed in a video on the relevance of the debt ceiling.