Summer English for Academic Purposes


Students sitting in a lecture


Note: In the wake of covid-19, all summer instruction has been moved to an online format. Check the course listing or consult your academic advisor for more information on individual course execution.

Summer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are designed for undergraduate and graduate international students enrolled in full-time degree programs at GW who speak English as a second or additional language and who wish to strengthen their academic writing, research and communication skills. Summer session at GW offers an excellent opportunity for international students who are recommended or required by their schools to get a head start on their studies. Summer EAP students can focus on developing language skills while preparing for the fall term.

The Summer EAP Advantage

  • Complete courses and earn academic credit in just 6 weeks
  • Engage in small classes that enhance personal learning
  • Get a head start in adjusting to your new environment
  • Practice your speaking skills and connect with a community of American and international peers



For additional information, visit English for Academic Purposes or email [email protected].