Undergraduate Micro-Minors

An undergraduate student wearing a head scarf speaking and gesturing in a philosophy classroom

A micro-minor is a group of courses that address a shared problem, topic or theme from different disciplinary perspectives. Columbian College’s micro-minors bridge the arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines.

For example, students could examine immigration and migration through courses in U.S. history, postcolonial literature and Latino experience and identity. Or they might choose to deepen their understanding of health equity through courses in public health, service learning and the history of capitalism.


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How to Apply

Students should turn in a Declaration of Major/Minor form with the signature of the lead faculty member to the Undergraduate Dean’s Office when the micro-minor is completed. To find the lead faculty member, visit the department website for the micro-minor.


Minors vs. Micro-Minors

Unlike a standard minor, which explores a single discipline in depth, the micro-minor is a multidisciplinary program that encourages students to approach a topic through a wider lens. The micro-minor is designed similarly to a concentration at the graduate level, where students choose an area of specialization and approach it from multiple perspectives.

Up to two minors or two micro-minors may be noted on a student’s official transcript. For details on micro-minor requirements, see the GW Bulletin.