Special Interdisciplinary Major


Special Interdisciplinary Major


Exceptional students may propose a Special Interdisciplinary Major (SIM) when their academic goals cannot be met through existing departmental majors or a combination of majors and minors.

Designed by the student, the typical SIM curriculum crosses traditional boundaries between academic disciplines and may be comparative, historical, regional, thematic or problem-focused.


How to Apply

Students must apply with a plan of study and an essay justifying their proposed SIM program. The Columbian College Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising provides the application form and additional information about the application process for this unique academic opportunity.


Elizabeth Avecedo

Elizabeth Acevedo

BA '10, Special Interdisciplinary Major in Performing Arts

"Professors in the Theatre and Dance Program and English Department let me know I was welcome to the literary table. Even though some of my poems were meant to be performed, that didn't mean I wasn't a writer. GW affirmed that my passion wasn't just a hobby."

Examples of Special Interdisciplinary Majors


  • Arts Administration
  • Clinical Neuroscience
  • Computational Biology
  • Creative Product Design
  • Film Studies
  • Intercultural Studies: Conflict and Cooperation
  • Korean Language and Literature
  • Logic, Reasoning and Argument


  • Medical Anthropology
  • Neuroscience
  • Performing Arts
  • Political Psychology
  • Portuguese Language & African Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Social Determinants of Health