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CCAS Faculty Committees

Term First Name Last Name Department Division
2024 Ning Yu Music Arts & Humanities
  LaKeisha McClary Chemistry Science
  Brandon  Bartels Political Science Social Science
(Spring) Daina Eglitis Sociology Social Science
2025 Allyson Vieira Studio Arts Arts & Humanities
  Arun Malik Economics Social Science
(Spring) Tara Scully Biology Science
(Fall) Aidan Manubay Biology Science
2026 Hiromi Ishizawa Sociology Social Science
  Alexander van der Horst Physics Science
  Megan Sizek English for Academic Purposes Arts & Humanities
Term First Name Last Name Department Division
2024 Phillip Troutman UWP Arts & Humanities
  Jasmine Johnson TSPPPA Social Science
  Martin Zysmilich Chemistry Science
2025 Heidi Bardot Art Therapy Arts & Humanities
  Yanxiang Zhao Mathematics Science
  Cynthia Core SLHS Social Science
2026 Mary Coughlin Museum Studies Arts & Humanities
  Tonya Dodge Psychology Social Science
  Leon Grayfer Biology Science
Term First Name Last Name Department Division
2024 Gail Weiss Philosophy Arts & Humanities
  Marie Price Geography Social Science
  Chryssa Kouveliotou Physics Science
2025 Lynn Bernstein SLHS Social Science
  Christopher Rollston CNELC Arts & Humanities
  Cynthia Dowd Chemistry Science
2026 Jodi Kanter Theater & Dance Arts & Humanities
  Sharon Lambert Psychology Social Science
  Reza Modarres Statistics Science
Term First Name Last Name Department Division
2024 Kathryn Kleppinger RGSLL Arts & Humanities
  Dmitry Streletskiy Geography Social Science
  Ioannis Eleftherianos Biology Science
2025 Lauren Onkey Corcoran School Arts & Humanities
  Malathi Thothathiri SLHS Social Science
  Ling Hao Chemistry Science
2026 Jamie Cohen-Cole American Studies Arts & Humanities
  Chris Warshaw Political Science Social Science
  Jozef Przytycki Math Science
Term First Name Last Name Department Division
2024 Gordon Mantler UWP Arts & Humanities
  Houston Miller Chemistry Science
  Elizabeth Vaquera Sociology Social Science
  Eric Lawrence Political Science Social Science
2025 Kavita Daiya English Arts & Humanities
  Laura Schiavo Museum Studies Arts & Humanities
  Alex Pyron Biology Science
  Shelley Brundage SLHS Social Science
  Stephen Mitroff Psychology Social Science
2026 Carl Gudenius Theater & Dance Arts & Humanities
  Suleiman Osman American Studies Arts & Humanities
  Chryssa Kouveliotou Physics Science
  Reza Modarres Statistics Science
  Domonic Bearfield TSPPPA Social Science


Workshops on Pedagogy and Teaching

The CCAS Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies have created virtual faculty workshops on pedagogy and teaching. These interactive workshops and webinars are complementary to the workshops and boot camps organized by the GW Libraries. Workshop themes are based on input from CCAS faculty as well as participating committee and subcommittee members. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, send an email to [email protected].