Engaged Learning Opportunities

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In Columbian College, students participate in engaged learning programs that provide hands-on opportunities to cultivate their academic interests. These unique programs leverage the resources of the nation’s capital, the university — and even the world.

Whether enrolling in a one-of-a-kind Dean’s Seminar, applying for a competitive research fellowship or being selected to live and breathe politics for a year, students can dive in and expand their learning experience through our exclusive offerings.

Our Programs


Stephanie Travis' (foreground) in class with freshmen (left to right) Jamie Oakley, Jason Katz, Bailee Weisz and Kimmie Krane

Dean's Seminars

Offered exclusively to Columbian College first- year students, these courses challenge students to think critically about topics ranging from the real-world significance of zombie stories to the relationship between mind-altering substances, law and society.


Luther Rice Fellowship

The prestigious Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides funding to Columbian College undergraduates who are undertaking faculty-mentored research projects. Students publish and present research on topics of their choice.


Robert Vincent Fellowship

Three Columbian College students receive this fellowship each year to conduct their own STEM research project. Students spend the summer and fall completing projects in biology, chemistry, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, physics or psychology.


CCAS Social Justice and Equity Fellowship

Social Justice and Equity Fellows spend a summer working with a faculty mentor on a research or creative project in the theme of social justice and equity. Projects may take the form of historical research, staged performance, policy analysis and much more.

Wilbur V. Harlan Research Fellowship

Under the guidance of a faculty member, select undergraduate biology majors spend 14 weeks conducting an independent summer project, learning research skills and networking with other students and researchers.

Cisneros Scholars

Each year, 10 incoming freshman are selected for the prestigious Cisneros Scholars leadership program. Cisneros scholars take part in an innovative leadership development program throughout their entire undergraduate career that includes financial, academic and social support.


Corcoran Scholars

Corcoran Scholars are supported in their artistic pursuits as they explore a diversity of practices and interpretations across disciplines, gaining a deeper understanding of the creative process. Scholarships are renewable for up to 10 consecutive semesters of undergraduate study.


GW Early College Program

Highly motivated and academically talented sophomores at the School Without Walls High School may apply to earn an associate of arts degree from GW’s Columbian College. Students in this program enroll full-time at GW for their junior and senior years.


Politics & Values

A select group of students explores politics, the individual and society while living and studying together in this intensive year-long course. Political theory, American politics, comparative politics and international relations are all covered in great depth and at an accelerated pace.


CCAS Research Showcase

The annual CCAS Research Showcase is an opportunity for all graduate and undergraduate students in CCAS programs to present their research and scholarship in a poster session to the broader university community.


Special Interdisciplinary Major

Exceptional students may propose a Special Interdisciplinary Major, designing a curriculum that crosses boundaries between academic disciplines. The major may be comparative, historical, regional, thematic or problem-focused.





Kyanna Spaulding





“Right now it’s especially important that we get up and have our voices heard and say we are leaders, we are Americans, we are worthy, we are smart, we can contribute, and we want to contribute. Programs like [Cisneros Scholars] really help get our voices out and educate young Latinos.”

Kyanna Spaulding
Class of 2020, Political Communication