Faculty Books

From the history of race and caste in Latin America to the role of music in religion around the world, Columbian College faculty publish numerous thought-provoking and timely titles every year. Their work has topped bestseller lists, inspired debate and dialogue and received positive reviews from high-profile outlets like the Los Angeles Review of Books and The New York Times.


Plentiful Country

History Professor Tyler Anbinder presents the Famine generation’s individual and collective tales of struggle, perseverance, and triumph.


Mungo Park's Ghost

History Professor Dane Kennedy portrays Britain's early, forgotten African explorations marred by ignorance and the brutality of slave trade.


Writing Blackgirls' and Women's Health Science Implications for Research and Praxis

WGSS and University Writing Program Professor Jameta N. Barlow utilizes ontological and epistemological insights to address Black girls’ and women’s health.

US Museum Histories and the Politics of Interpretation

U.S. Museum Histories and the Politics of Interpretation

Laura Schiavo, associate professor of museum studies at the Corcoran School, edited this collection of essays about the historically and politically rooted nature of cultural production in museums.


75 Years of the Pion

Research Professor of Physics Igor Strakovsky's book is aimed at advanced graduate students and researchers in theoretical and experimental particle and nuclear physics.


Disrupting D.C.: The Rise of Uber and the Fall of the City

Through interviews with policymakers and Uber lobbyists, Geography's Declan Cullen reveals the collective responsibility for dampening urban aspirations.

Dialogues on Gun Control By David DeGrazia

Dialogues on Gun Control

Philosophy's David DeGrazia explores the American experience with gun violence and gun policy, ethical arguments, and reform possibilities.


Intellectual and Spiritual Debates in Islam

Sayed Hassan Akhlaq, Professor of Religion, talks about issues of interest and impact from the rich and diverse intellectual traditions of Islam from its inception to present.


King Lear

English Professor Alexa Joubin writes King Lear's history, and co-edits a critical blend of First Folio and Quarto lines, enhancing Shakespeare's legacy.

Milestones in Dance

Milestones in Dance History

Corcoran's Dana Tai Soon Burgess charts the diverse histories of dance through ten key moments that have shaped the different forms and genres we see today.