Faculty Books

From the history of race and caste in Latin America to the role of music in religion around the world, Columbian College faculty publish numerous thought-provoking and timely titles every year. Their work has topped bestseller lists, inspired debate and dialogue and received positive reviews from high-profile outlets like the Los Angeles Review of Books and The New York Times.

Dialogues on Gun Control By David DeGrazia

Dialogues on Gun Control

Philosophy's David DeGrazia explores the American experience with gun violence and gun policy, ethical arguments, and reform possibilities.

Milestones in Dance

Milestones in Dance History

Corcoran's Dana Tai Soon Burgess charts the diverse histories of dance through ten key moments that have shaped the different forms and genres we see today.

Season to Taste

Season to Taste: Rewriting Kitchen Space in Contemporary Women’s Food Memoirs

University Writing's Caroline Smith explores food memoirs to understand the ways women are renegotiating their relationships with the kitchen and food.

Varieties of Nationalism

Varieties of Nationalism

Political science's Harris Mylonas argues that nationalism is an empirically variegated ideology and explores five dimensions along which nationalism varies.

The Making of Shia Ayatollahs, Sayed Hannan Akhlaq

The Making of Shia Ayatollahs

Professorial Lecturer Sayed Hassan Akhlaq from the Religion Department offers both insider and outsider views of how a scholar becomes an Ayatollah in Shia Islam.

Loner Forensics by Thea Brown

Loner Forensics

English's Thea Brown draws on parallel universes, video games and ghost towns to immerse the reader in grief, utopia, disaster—and, ultimately, love.

Sustainability and Sustainable Development: An Introduction by LISA BENTON-SHORT

Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Geography's Lisa Benton-Short introduces students to sustainability structured around the 17 UN SDGs.

The Multiracial Promise Harold Washington's Chicago and the Democratic Struggle in Reagan's America by Gordon K. Mantler

The Multiracial Promise: Harold Washington's Chicago and the Democratic Struggle in Reagan's America

Drawing on a rich array of archives and oral history interviews, Gordon K. Mantler offers a bold reexamination of the Harold Washington movement and moment.

Merits of the Plague

Merits of the Plague

History's Joel Blecher co-edited the first English translation of the preeminent meditation on plagues and pandemics from the Islamic medieval world.

Globalism, Tribalism, and the Quest for Pluralism: Media’s Changing Impact

Globalism, Tribalism, and the Quest for Pluralism: Media's Changing Impact

SMPA's Lee W. Huebner explores and explains the inherent tension throughout history between humankind’s global and tribal impulses.