Faculty Books

From the history of race and caste in Latin America to the role of music in religion around the world, Columbian College faculty publish numerous thought-provoking and timely titles every year. Their work has topped bestseller lists, inspired debate and dialogue and received positive reviews from high-profile outlets like the Los Angeles Review of Books and The New York Times.

Catastrophic Success Book Cover

Catastrophic Success

November 15, 2021

In Catastrophic Success, Political Science's Alexander B. Downes compiles all instances of regime change around the world over the past two centuries. Drawing on this impressive data set, Downes shows that regime change increases the likelihood of civil war and violent leader removal in target states and fails to reduce the probability of conflict between intervening states and their targets.

Psychoanalysis under occupation Book Cover

Psychoanalysis Under Occupation: Practicing Resistance in Palestine

November 12, 2021

Heavily influenced by Frantz Fanon and critically engaging the theories of decoloniality and liberatory psychoanalysis, co-author and Professor of Clinical Psychology Lara Sheeh platforms the lives, perspectives, and insights of psychoanalytically inflected Palestinian psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals, centering the stories that non-clinical Palestinians have entrusted to them over four years of community engagement with clinicians throughout historic Palestine.

O Beautiful Book Cover

O Beautiful: A Novel

November 09, 2021

In this novel, English's Jung Yun gives an unflinching portrayal of a woman trying to come to terms with the ghosts of her past and the tortured realities of a deeply divided America.

Reproduction Reconceived Book Cover

Reproduction Reconceived: Family Making and the Limits of Choice after Roe v. Wade

October 26, 2021

In this new and timely history, Professor of History and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Sara Matthiesen shows how the effects of incarceration, for-profit healthcare, disease, and poverty have been worsened by state neglect, forcing most to work harder to maintain a family.

Judaism and Violence Book Cover

Judaism and Violence

October 01, 2021

In this book, Religion's Robert Eisen explores the potential in Judaism to incite Jews to engage in violence against non-Jews. The analysis proceeds in historical fashion, with sections devoted to the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic Judaism, medieval and early modern Judaism, and modern Zionism.

The PhD parenthood trap book cover

The PhD Parenthood Trap: Caught Between Work and Family in Academia

October 01, 2021

In The PhD Parenthood Trap, co-author and Political Science professory Kerry F. Crawford reveals the realities of raising kids, on or off the tenure track, and suggest reforms to help support parents throughout their careers. This work provides scholars, academic mentors, and university administrators with empirical evidence and steps to break down personal and structural barriers between parenthood and scholarly careers.

Divisions Book Cover

Divisions: A New History of Racism and Resistance in America's World War II Military

October 01, 2021

This is the first comprehensive look at racism within America's World War II military, looking at the complex division of African Americans, white Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. In this work, Chair of American Studies Thomas A. Guglielmo examines racism and resistance to racism in the military from the enlisted personnel in the field to commanders in headquarters to civilian leaders in Washington.

25 Concepts in Modern Architecture Book Cover

25 Concepts in Modern Architecture: A Guide for Visual Thinkers

September 23, 2021

Designed to appeal to visual thinkers, Corcoran's Stephanie Travis and Catherine Anderson explore the fundamental ideas behind architectural design, through easy-to-follow sketches, drawings and succinct explanations. Taking a highly-visual approach, this simple yet visually-powerful guide is an essential companion in the design studio and to introductory courses in modern architecture, interior architecture, and interior design.

News Hole Book Cover

News Hole: The Demise of Local Journalism and Political Engagement

September 16, 2021

In recent decades, turnout in US presidential elections has soared, education levels have hit historic highs, and the internet has made information more accessible than ever. Yet over that same period, Americans have grown less engaged with local politics and elections. Drawing on detailed analysis of fifteen years of reporting in over 200 local newspapers, along with election returns, surveys, and interviews with journalists, this study by Political Science's Danny Hayes shows that the demise of local journalism has played a key role in the decline of civic engagement.

Transnational Feminist Itineraries Cover

Transnational Feminist Itineraries

August 13, 2021

Edited by Director of WGSS Ashwini TambeTransnational Feminist Itineraries brings together scholars and activists from multiple continents to demonstrate the ongoing importance of transnational feminist theory in challenging neoliberal globalization and the rise of authoritarian nationalisms around the world.

Cover art for Promoting Justice Across Borders

Promoting Justice Across Borders: The Ethics of Reform Intervention

August 01, 2021

Professor of Political Science, Lucia M. Rafanelli, examines the full range of activities that qualify as reform intervention, understood as any attempt to promote justice in a foreign society. In this book, she bridges the gap between theory and practice by illustrating how ethical principles could (and should) inform real-world political decision-making and introduces a new typology of various kinds of reform intervention.

Crisis Averted Book Cover

Crisis Averted: PR Strategies to Protect Your Reputation and the Bottom Line

July 27, 2021

In Crisis Averted, Communications professor Evan Nierman explores the unpredictable world of crisis management and the decisions that make or break a company’s future. A no-nonsense playbook offering practical guidance, applying its principles and strategies will empower you to approach potential challenges with confidence and competence.

Shock to the System Book Cover

Shock to the System: Coups, Elections, and War on the Road to Democratization

July 20, 2021

Shock to the System presents a novel theory of democratization that focuses on how events like coups, wars, and elections disrupt autocratic regimes and trigger democratic change. Employing the broadest qualitative and quantitative analyses of democratization to date, Political Science professor Michael Miller demonstrates that more than nine in ten transitions since 1800 occur in one of two ways: countries democratize following a major violent shock or an established ruling party democratizes through elections and regains power within democracy. 

China's Leaders Book Cover

China's Leaders: From Mao to Now

June 25, 2021

In this definitive study, renowned Sinologist and Professor of Political Science David Shambaugh offers a refreshing account of China’s dramatic post-revolutionary history through the prism of those who ruled it. Covering the full scope of these leaders’ personalities and power, this is an illuminating guide to China’s modern history and understanding how China has become the superpower of today.

After Nationalism Book Cover

After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division

June 04, 2021

Professor of Political Science Samuel Goldman trains a sympathetic but skeptical eye on the trend of rising nationalism, highlighting the deep challenges that face any contemporary effort to revive social cohesion at the national level.