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At GW, we believe that each student is unique and everyone’s journey to their future career is different. Our goal is to help Columbian College undergraduate students develop an individualized plan that puts knowledge into action, builds skills for internships and jobs and prepares them for a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship.

Our career coaches help students create a personalized plan for success that starts with self-knowledge to connect passions to a purpose. Through networking and career events, students have hundreds of opportunities to connect with employers and alumni to build their personal network, bring their “dream job” closer to reality and make a successful classroom-to-career transition.


Infographic: 68% of CCAS students reported impactful internship experience


infographic: 31% students received credits for their internship


Recent CCAS Graduates Employment Sectors: 67% For Profit, 23% non-profit, 11% government



Utilizing Career Services

Meet your coach


Develop your plan


Search and apply



Connect with employers


Resources for International Students


Funding for Internships and Professional Development



Tips from Our Alumni

Jennifer Nichols, BA '16

Finding the Perfect Internship

In her award-winning survey, psychology alumna Jennifer Nichols, BA ’16, revealed the secrets to a happy internship experience.

GW alumni sitting on a panel

Pointers on a D.C. Career

If you want to work in politics, government and journalism, you must be willing to start low while aiming high.

Alumni networking at an event

Making Career Connections

From the White House to the private sector, Columbian College students and alumni are making the most of their GW connections.


Columbian College Can Take You Places

Internship Julia Bahl


Being in the heart of Washington, D.C., means you have the unique opportunity to become a practitioner of the engaged liberal arts. Through internships at nonprofits, on Capitol Hill or in media, you can gain work experience while discovering how coursework connects to real-world issues.

Undergraduate Outcome Visualization

The Value of a Degree

Discover how recent undergraduate alumni fared after graduation and get details on employers, industries, salary ranges and more. You can even filter the data by major.

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From the Classroom to a Career


Danielle Cohen

Danielle Cohen

BA '17, Political Communication 
Intern at White House Office of Digital Strategy

"From drafting and formatting digital content...to working on independent projects to creating analytic reports, I honed many skills that will help me in future internships or jobs."