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Office of Graduate Studies
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences
801 22nd St. NW, Phillips Hall 107
Washington, DC 20052

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Fax: 202-994-6213
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Chad Heap
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Administrative Assistant

Melissa Busskohl
Director, Graduate Studies & Student Services
[email protected]

De'Von Henderson
Senior Administrative Assistant
[email protected]


Graduate Recruitment

Phillips Hall, Suite 107 | [email protected]

Graduate Admissions

Phillips Hall, Suite 215 | [email protected]

Graduate Student Services

Smith Hall, Suite 118 | [email protected]


Graduate Program Directors

Academy of Classical Acting
Director: Leslie Jacobson

American Studies
Director: Elaine Peña

Anatomical & Translation Sciences
Director: Robert Hawley
Director: Nicole De Vaul

Director: Sarah Wagner (PhD program)
Director: Richard Grinker (MA program)
Director: Steve Lubkemann (MA program

Applied Economics
Director: Joann Weiner

Applied Mathematics
Director: Edward Robinson (Master's)
Director: Yanxiang Zhao (Certificate)

Art History
Director: Philip Jacks

Art Therapy/Art Therapy Practice
Director: Heidi Bardot

Bioinformatics & Molecular Biochemistry
Director: Jack Vanderhoek

Biological Sciences
Director: Scott Powell

Biomedical Sciences
Director: Alison Hall
Cancer Biology: Norman Lee, Yanfen Hu
Genomics & Bioinformatics: Ljubica Caldovic, Keith Crandall, Raja Mazumder, Eric Vilain
Microbiology and Immunology: Alberto Bosque, David Leitenberg
Neuroscience: Matthew Colonnese, Jason Triplett
Pharmacology & Physiology: Vince Chiappinelli, Colin Young, Nikki Posnack

Director: Hua Liang (PhD program)
Director: Angelo Elmi (MS program)

Budget & Public Finance
Director: Joseph Cordes

Director: Martin Zysmilich
Admissions Director: Cynthia Dowd

Chinese Language and Literature
Director: Phyllis Zhang

Communication Management
Director: Katrina Pariera

Contexts of Environmental Policy
Director: Peter Linquiti

Crime Scene Investigation
Director: Edward Robinson

Director: Antwan Jones


Data Science
Director: Eric Lawrence

Decorative Arts and Design History
Director: Erin Kuykendall (MA)

Documentary Filmmaking
Director: Nina Seavey

Director: Pamela Labadie (PhD Pre-Candidacy Advising)
Director: Nicholas Vonortas (PhD Candidacy)
Director: Roberto Samaneigo (PhD Pre-Candidacy Admissions and Funding)

Director: Daniel DeWispelare (PhD program)
Director: Chris Sten (MA program)

Environmental and Green Chemistry
Program Director: Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal
Program Director: Jakub Kostal
Admissions Director: Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal

Environmental Resource Policy
Director: Peter Linquiti

Exhibition Design
Director: Andrea Dietz

Financial Mathematics
Director: Yanxiang Zhao

Fine Arts
Director: Maria del Carmen Montoya

Forensic Investigation
Director: Edward Robinson

Forensic Psychology
Director: Richard Cooter

Forensic Sciences
Director: Walter Rowe (Forensic Chemistry)
Director: Daniele Podini (Forensic Molecular Biology)
Director: Moses Schanfield (Forensic Molecular Biology)


Director: Nikolay Shiklomanov

GIS Certificate
Director: Michael Mann

Director: Muriel Atkin (MA program)
Director: David Silverman (PhD program)
Director: David Silverman (Admissions Committee Chair)

Human Paleobiology
Director: Shannon McFarlin

Interaction Design
Director: Kevin Patton

Interior Architecture
Director: Catherine Anderson

Islamic Studies
Director: Mohammad Faghfoory


Jewish Cultural Arts Certificate Program
Director: Jenna Weissman Joselit

Leadership Education and Development
Director: Clay Warren

Legal Institutions & Theory
Director: Brandon Bartels

LGBT Health Policy and Practice
Director: Stephen Forssell


Director: Hao Wu (MA, MS, and PhD programs)
Director: Joel Lewis (Certificate program)

Media & Strategic Communication
Director: Catie Bailard

Museum Collections Management & care
Director: Mary Coughlin

Museum Studies
Director: Laura Schiavo
Graduate Advisors: Susan Anderson, Laura Schiavo, Max van Balgooy

New Media Photojournalism
Director: Susan Sterner

Non-Profit Management
Director: Michael Worth

Organizational Sciences
Director: Nils Olsen


Director: Eric Saidel

Philosophy & Social Policy
Director: Eric Saidel

Director: Chen Zeng
Graduate Studies Advisor: Michael Doring

Political Science
Director: Eric Grynaviski

Production Design
Director: Carl Gudenius

Professional Psychology
Director: Loring Ingraham

Psychology PhD
Director: Tonya Dodge (Applied Social program)
Director: Mimi Le (Clinical program)
Admissions: George Howe (Clinical program)
Director: Stephen Mitroff (Cognitive Neuroscience program)
Director: Tara Behrend (I/O program)

Public Policy and Public Administration
Director: Christopher Carrigan (MPA program)
Director: Anil Nathan (MPP program)
Director: Burt Barnow (PhD program)


Social Practice
Director: Maria del Carmen Montoya

Director: Antwan Jones

Speech-Language Pathology
Director: Adrienne Hancock
Admissions Chair: Michael Bamdad (New Applicant/Student Contact)

Director: Feifang Hu (PhD program)
Director: Reza Modarres (MS program)
Adviser: Xiaoke Zhang (MS program)
Adviser: Qing Pan (MS program)

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Director: Kavita Daiya

Women's, Gender & Sexuality - Public Policy
Director: Cynthia Deitch