Graduate Studies Contacts

Office of Graduate Studies
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences
801 22nd St. NW, Phillips Hall 107
Washington, DC 20052

Phone: 202-994-6210
Fax: 202-994-6213
Email: [email protected]

Due to COVID-19 staff of the Office of Graduate Studies is working remotely.  Should you wish to contact anyone please reach out to them via email. Our campus offices will reopen on Monday, August 16, 2021.

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Chad Heap
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Rebecca Morris
Executive Assistant

Melissa Busskohl
Director, Graduate Studies & Student Services
[email protected]


Graduate Recruitment

Phillips Hall, Suite 107 | [email protected]

Graduate Admissions

Phillips Hall, Suite 215 | [email protected]

Graduate Student Services

Smith Hall, Suite 118 | [email protected]


Graduate Program Directors

Academy of Classical Acting
Director: Matt Wilson

American Studies
Director: Jamie Cohen-Cole (PhD program)
Director: Elaine Peña (MA program)

Anatomical & Translation Sciences
Director: Robert Hawley
Director: Nicole De Vaul

Director: Sarah Wagner (PhD program)
Director: Joel Kuipers (MA program)
Director: Steve Lubkemann (MA program)

Applied Economics
Director: Joann Weiner

Applied Mathematics
Director: Yanxiang Zhao (MS program)
Director: Joel Lewis (Certificate program)

Art History
Director: Mika Natif

Art Therapy/Art Therapy Practice
Director: Heidi Bardot

Bioinformatics & Molecular Biochemistry
Director: Jack Vanderhoek

Biological Sciences
Director: Scott Powell

Biomedical Sciences
Director: Alison Hall
Cancer Biology: Norman Lee, Yanfen Hu
Genomics & Bioinformatics: Ljubica Caldovic, Keith Crandall, Raja Mazumder, Eric Vilain
Microbiology and Immunology: Alberto Bosque, David Leitenberg
Neuroscience: Matthew Colonnese, Jason Triplett
Pharmacology & Physiology: Vince Chiappinelli, Colin Young, Nikki Posnack

Director: Hua Liang (PhD program)
Director: Angelo Elmi (MS program)

Budget & Public Finance
Director: Joseph Cordes

Director: Martin Zysmilich
Admissions Director: Cynthia Dowd

Chinese Language and Literature
Director: Phyllis Zhang

Communication Management
Director: Katrina Pariera

Contexts of Environmental Policy
Director: Peter Linquiti

Director: Fran Buntman


Data Science
Director: Ryan Engstrom
Associate Program Director: Mary Gohar

Decorative Arts and Design History
Director: Erin Kuykendall

Director: Steven Suranovic (PhD Pre-Candidacy Admissions and Funding)
Director: Pam Labadie (PhD Pre-Candidacy Advising)
Director: Nicholas Vonortas (PhD Candidacy)

Director: Holly Dugan
Graduate Advisor: Robert McRuer

Environmental and Green Chemistry
Program & Admissions Director: Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal
Program Director: Jakub Kostal

Environmental Resource Policy
Director: Peter Linquiti

Exhibition Design
Director: Andrea Dietz

Financial Mathematics
Director: Joel Lewis

Fine Arts
Director: Maria del Carmen Montoya

Forensic Psychology
Director: Richard Cooter

Forensic Sciences
Director: Daniele Podini (Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Investigation, Forensic Molecular Biology)
Director: Walter Rowe (Forensic Chemistry)

Director: Marie Price

GIS Certificate
Director: Brendan Hurley

Director: Joel Blecher (PhD program)
Director: Katrin Schultheiss (MA program)
Director: Christopher Klemek (MA Admissions)

Human Paleobiology
Director: Shannon McFarlin (PhD program)
Director: Brenda Bradley (MS program)

Interaction Design
Director: Kevin Patton

Interior Architecture
Director: Catherine Anderson

Islamic Studies
Director: Mohammad Faghfoory


Jewish Cultural Arts
Director: Jenna Weissman Joselit

LGBT Health Policy and Practice
Director: Stephen Forssell


Director: Yanxiang Zhao (MA and PhD programs)
Director: Joel Lewis (Certificate program)

Media & Strategic Communication
Director: Catie Bailard

Museum Collections Management & Care
Director: Mary Coughlin

Museum Studies
Director: Mary Coughlin
Graduate Advisors: Susan AndersonMax van Balgooy

New Media Photojournalism
Director: Susan Sterner

Non-Profit Management
Director: Michael Worth

Organizational Sciences
Director: Gelaye Debebe (MA)
Graduate Studies Advisor: Mary Lee
Director: Lynn Offermann (I/O program)


Philosophy & Social Policy
Director: Eric Saidel

Director: Oleg Kargaltsev
Graduate Studies Advisor: Michael Doering

Political Science
Director: Ingrid Creppell

Professional Psychology
Director: Loring Ingraham

Psychological & Brain Sciences PhD
Director: Tonya Dodge (Applied Social program)
Director: Sharon Lambert (Clinical program)
Director: Stephen Mitroff (Cognitive Neuroscience program)

Public Policy and Public Administration
Director: Anil Nathan (MPA and MPP program)
Director: Burt Barnow (PhD program)


Social Practice
Director: Maria del Carmen Montoya

Director: Fran Buntman

Speech-Language Pathology
Director: Adrienne Hancock
Admissions Chair: Michael Bamdad (New Applicant/Student Contact)

Director: Feifang Hu (PhD program)
Director: Reza Modarres (MS program)
Adviser: Xiaoke Zhang (MS program)
Adviser: Qing Pan (MS program)

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Director: Ashwini Tambe

Women's, Gender & Sexuality - Public Policy
Director: Cynthia Deitch