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From championing religious freedom to dissecting regulatory policy to deciphering quantum computing and mathematical sciences, Columbian College research centers and institutes allow expert scholars alongside talented students to advance ideas and issues across an array of disciplines.



2017 Cohort Caminos Al Futuro

The 2017 cohort of Caminos Al Futuro, a Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute summer program for high-achieving, Latino high school students. (Photo credit: Judy Licht)


Whether their focus is to secure historical legacies or to prepare the next generation of global leaders, the centers and institutes at Columbian College are home to a humanities tradition that emphasizes understanding and interpreting the human world.




From developing life-saving treatments to unlocking the mysteries of subatomic structures to delving deep into the human brain, Columbian College science institutes are addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. Advancing the work of world-class researchers—biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians—our scholarly centers are at the forefront of scientific discovery.

Members of the Astronomy, Physics, and Statistics

Members of the Astronomy, Physics, and Statistics Institute of Sciences organize scientific meetings and outreach events to promote collaborative, multidisciplinary research and learning.


Social Sciences


Documentary Center

Students in the Documentary Center’s unique academic program work together to produce documentary films in the final stage of their hands-on curriculum.


At Columbian College, social scientists study the origins of humans, how we have evolved, the way we interact and how we move forward. Scholars at our institutes and research centers—encompassing disciplines as far-reaching as anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology—are shedding light on human evolution over millennia and understanding how to improve people’s lives into the 21st century and beyond.


Making an Impact Across Disciplines

Eleanor Roosevelt

In Her Own Words

Before FDR delivered his "day of infamy" address, Eleanor Roosevelt reassured an America stunned by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Digitally archived by the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, the first lady’s speech is preserved for history.