"Noteworthy" is a monthly compilation of important awards, achievements and grants received by Columbian College faculty, students and alumni. Articles published in academic journals are also included among these recognitions.

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Recent Recognition

July 14, 2021

James M. Clark (Biology) co-authored the study “Growth and miniaturization among alvarezsauroid dinosaurs” in the journal Current Biology.

Diane Harris Cline (History) received an $18,240 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a project on the connectedness of communities of practice in the classical world.

Pamela Conrad, BA ’74, MMus ’87, MPhil ’95, PhD ’98, was featured by CNN in the article “She's a priest. You'll never guess her other job.

Ana Maria del Rio Gonzalez (Psychology) received a $1,049,087 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Juntas Adelante, a peer-coaching intervention program to promote the HIV-prevention drug chemoprophylaxis among Latina transgender women in the Washington. D.C.-area.

Chryssa Kouveliotou (Physics) received a $5,168 grant from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to study the connection between soft gamma-repeaters and fast radio bursts.

The Pen/Faulkner Foundation created the Lisa Page Writing Workshop Fellowship in honor of Lisa Page, director of the CCAS Writing Program.

PhD candidate Kristen Tuosto (Anthropology) received a $9,706 grant from the Leakey Foundation to study skeletal impacts of early life adversity in Amboseli baboons.