"Noteworthy" is a monthly compilation of important awards, achievements and grants received by Columbian College faculty, students and alumni. Articles published in academic journals are also included among these recognitions.

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Recent Recognition

Andrei Afanasev (Physics) received a $199,996 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a 3D study of nucleon structure through deep exclusive processes.

Gabriela Aguerrevere, MPA ’17, (Public Administration) joined UNICEF Venezuela as a partnerships officer.

Tatiyana Apanasovich (Statistics) received a $500,000 NSF grant for integrating data privacy and cybersecurity into statistics graduate education.

Catie Bailard, Kimberly Gross, Ethan Porter and Rebekah Tromble (Media and Public Affairs) won the Rebecca Morton Best Article Award from the Journal of Experimental Political Science for their paper “Combating Hateful Attitudes and Online Browsing Behavior: The Case of Antisemitism.”

Paul Barrett (Physics) received a $1,002,801 award from NASA for a project on spectral fitting.

Josh Douglas, BA ’02, JD ’07, (Political Science) authored the book The Court v. The Voters: The Troubling Story of How the Supreme Court Has Undermined Voting Rights (Beacon Press, 2024).

Sylvain Guiriec (Physics) was awarded a $9,360 grant from NASA-Goddard for the development of the ComPair 2 project.

Ling Hao (Chemistry) received a $363,130 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for research on metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD).

Jason Juffras, PhD ’15, (Public Policy & Administration) was selected as a Levin Center Oversight Fellow.

Neil Johnson (Physics) was awarded a $818,049 NSF grant for a project on trustworthy agents in AI.

Esnold Jure, MPP ’23, (Public Policy) was named a senior project coordinator with the International Development Group LLC.

Oleg Kargaltsev (Physics) received a $247,508 grant from NASA-Goddard for a project titled “Living Catalogs: A Foundation for High-Energy Machine Learning Training Datasets.”

Sandy Kawano (Biology) was awarded a $1,820,660 grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation for a project on comparative biomechanics of fins and limbs.

Jisoo Kim (History, EALL, International Affairs) was awarded a 2024-2025 Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship.

Jakub Kostal (Chemistry) received a $249,806 NSF grant for research on tunable degradation of green chemicals.

Amy Kurz, BA ’08, (Human Services) MPA ’09, (Public Administration) was named managing director of strategy and planning at KID Museum in Bethesda, Md.

Zeita Merchant, MPA ’10, (TSPPPA) received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the Ellis Island Honors Society.

Sherry Molock (Psychology) received a $133,772 NIH award to research equity in suicide prevention.

PhD candidate Emma Northcott (TSPPPA) won the AOM PNP Best Paper by a Doctoral Student Award for “The Asian American Experience in the Federal Workforce: How Employees Navigate Racialization.”

Emilie Rafal, MPP ’16, (Public Policy) was promoted to vice president of advancement at Research Improving People’s Lives.

Caleb Schmotter (Political Science) was awarded a $14,165 grant from the American Political Science Association for his project titled “Inducing the Ancient: How States Shape Ethnic Boundaries.”

Daniel Schwartz (Judaic Studies) was elected to be a fellow of the American Academy for Jewish Research.

Jasmine Smith (Political Science) received $14,692 from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for research on understanding political behavior.

Gregory Wallace (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences) was awarded a $230,775 NIH grant to research links between Parkinson’s disease and autism.

Bernard Wood (Anthropology) published the book Primates in History, Myth, Art, and Science (CRC Press, 2024).