Combined Degree Programs

GW Combined Degree Programs

Columbian College offers many combined degree programs that enable qualified students to graduate ahead of their peers, placing them on a fast-track to academic achievement and professional success.

By combining work toward a Bachelor of Arts or Science with requirements for a Graduate Certificate or a Master of Arts, Science, Forensic Science, Public Administration or Public Policy, students may complete two degree programs in less than six years. In some cases, depending on qualifying AP credits, participants may finish even sooner. 

Explore Combined Degree Programs

Combined degree students apply for the degree through the school that offers the graduate degree portion. Some CCAS undergraduate programs also combine with graduate programs in other GW schools. Please visit the corresponding graduate school web page for more information.


Undergraduate Major - Graduate Degree (double-counted credit hours)



Students may not apply for the combined degree program until after completing 75 undergraduate credits and must apply no later than the semester before their final undergraduate year. Combined degree applicants do not follow the regular graduate program application process, instead, applicants must complete the Combined Degree Application form. Students must be in good academic standing in their undergraduate degree. 

Combined Degree Application Form (PDF)


One benefit of the combined degree program is the ability to double count credit towards your bachelor's and master's program. This reduces the number of credits required once you start the graduate portion and therefore reduces the overall cost of tuition. In addition to this savings, students are also eligible for the Grad2Grad program. This initiative provides eligible students with a 10% tuition reduction when pursuing an eligible program.

To be eligible for undergraduate financial aid, students must be registered in at least 51% of undergraduate courses each semester they are in the bachelor's degree. Any questions of financial aid eligibility should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

How to Apply

Step One: Explore your options and admission requirements

Use the Explore Combined Degree Programs directory to find the combined degree program you would like to apply to, and click the link to view the department’s combined degree page. The department’s combined degree page should provide application information, including a list of which application materials (in addition to the Combined Degree Application form) you must submit to the department in order to be reviewed for admission. If the department website does not supply this information, please email the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) of the graduate program you wish to apply to request more information. Please use the Graduate Program Directors directory at the bottom of this page to find the name and email of the DGS.

Step Two: Obtain approval from your undergraduate and graduate programs

Download and complete the Combined Degree Application form. You must first obtain the signature of the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for your undergraduate program. Please view the department webpage of your undergraduate major to find the name and email of the DUS. Most department web pages have a People tab where this information can be found. Once the DUS has approved your application, you must submit the Combined Degree Application form (and other application materials if any) to the DGS of the graduate program you wish to apply to. Please use the Graduate Program Directors directory at the bottom of the Graduate Studies Office page to find the name and email of the DGS.

Step Three: Submit your application to the Office of Graduate Studies

The DGS will review your application materials and then mark their admission decision on the Combined Degree Application form. If the applicant is denied, the DGS will notify the applicant by email and copy [email protected]. If admitted, the DGS will forward the form to the Office of Graduate Studies at [email protected] for approval. Once approved you will be issued an admission letter through the GW application system. Once you accept admission, you will be provided additional information on submitting the Combined Degree Credit Form.


Hope Thomson





"I had a great experience with the Art History department in particular — its small size meant I was able to be very close with all of my professors. I found there was a real opportunity for specialized, individual study and my professors were so flexible with me. Because of this I was able to finish both my BA and MA a semester early."

Hope Thomson
BA '21, MA '22, Art History