Combined Degree Programs


GW Combined Degree Programs


Columbian College offers 33 combined degree programs that enable qualified students to graduate ahead of their peers, placing them on a fast-track to academic achievement and professional success.

By combining work toward a Bachelor of Arts or Science with requirements for a Graduate Certificate or a Master of Arts, Science, Forensic Science, Public Administration or Public Policy, students may complete two degree programs in less than six years. In some cases, depending on qualifying AP credits, participants may finish even sooner.


How to Apply

  • Meet with your undergraduate and graduate faculty advisors to discuss eligibility and department-specific admission requirements.
  • Complete the Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program Application for Admission (PDF) and required supporting documents, if any. The application form must be signed by your undergraduate and graduate faculty advisors.
  • Submit the completed and approved application to the Columbian College Office of Graduate Admissions located in Phillips Hall, Suite 107.


Justine Benanty GW Columbian College Combined Degree Program anthropology

Justine Benanty

BA '09, Archaeology
MA '10, Anthropology

"I completed my BA and MA in GW's Anthropology Department, and began my career within its walls. Due to their expertise in archaeology and anthropology, I have developed skills to make a real impact in my field."

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