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Elizabeth Vaquera and Louis Caldera
Cisneros Institute Leadership

Elizabeth Vaquera was named director of the GW Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute and Louis Caldera will serve as senior fellow.

Discover Columbian

Watch our video to learn how Columbian College prepares students to be engaged members of the global environment through what we call the engaged liberal arts.

Learning & Discovery

CD8 ‘Killer’ T-Cells defending the body against a cancer cell.
Targeting T-Cells

A discovery by Physic’s Weiqun Peng may strengthen T-cells, the body’s immune system soldiers, and help fight off toxic invaders.

Faculty Spotlight

Dane Kennedy
Scars of Empires Past

In his book, Decolonization, Dane Kennedy explains how the legacy of European empires can still be felt from the Middle East to Brexit.


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