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Making a Difference

Welcoming Campus, New Perspectives

Blind from birth, John P. Benison, BA ’93, has triumphed over life challenges, thanks in part to his parents and, he says, to GW, which he attended with scholarship support.

Learning & Discovery

Salamanders Shed Evolutionary Light

Three new black-bellied salamanders once thought to be a single species were discovered in the southern Appalachian Mountains by a research team led by biology’s R. Alexander Pyron. 

Student Spotlight

For Students, a STEM Summer

Through a new CCAS internship program, STEM students like cognitive neuroscience major Lily Reck (left) and chemistry major Nora Houseman (right) spent the summer in faculty labs.


Open Doors




The Centuries Initiative for
Scholarships and Fellowships

Every year, thousands of talented and promising young people come to the George Washington University with a desire to change the world. But not every future leader has the same opportunity.

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The Columbian College Experience

The Columbian College of Arts & Sciences is home to what it calls the engaged liberal arts, where experiential learning and research opportunities, unique access to D.C. and the world, a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary curriculum and an expansive alumni network prepare the next generation of engaged, effective and responsible citizens of the 21st century.

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"There’s a really unique type of student who ends up at GW. It’s not a conventional school choice, and there’s an even more selective group who end up in a program like . . .  political communications. Those people are just amazing, and I’ve made some really good friends over the last couple of years, and that’s what’s going to be the most important thing I take away from my college experience—the people I met.”

Jonas Poggi
BA ‘22, Political Communications