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Whether you are taking the first steps to applying to GW’s Columbian College, newly accepted or already part of the CCAS student body — welcome! Our renowned faculty, stellar student leaders and graduate studies staff are here to help you get the information and resources you need. 

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When Hollywood Dreams Dim, Alumna Shines a Light

For many aspiring entertainers, visions of stardom can fade into struggles with homelessness and depression. Caroline Adegun, MA ’16, launched a nonprofit to support their work and their lives.

Untangling the Trauma-Speech Connection

How does trauma link to speech and language disorders? Sarah Hine, MA '20, and a team of researchers used their own experiences with vulnerable populations to guide speech pathology protocols.





"I chose to go to GW because of its experiential framework, structured internship opportunities for practicum hours, state of the art supervision and expert faculty. GW also extended financial support which was essential in my pursuit of higher education."

Bani Malhotra
MA '18, Art Therapy