Academic Policies


The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) along with The George Washington University (GWU) establishes minimum requirements for graduate admission and the awarding of graduate degrees.  Students should familiarize themselves with and are responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures relevant to their pursuit of their graduate degree, including those published in the University Bulletin, the CCAS Bulletin, and the Graduate Student Handbook.

Other University polices, such as the registration schedule and withdrawal deadlines published each semester by the University Registrar, must also be observed. In addition, recipients of a GW or CCAS award must abide by the terms of their award letter.

Exceptions to any policies and procedures must be secured in writing from the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. Any student who is in doubt about how a policy or procedure applies to her or him should seek clarification from their academic advisor.

A student seeking an exception to a University or college policy due to extenuating circumstances must submit a Graduate Student Petition Form. A policy exception request must be accompanied by documentation of extenuating circumstances. Students should not assume that petitions will be approved. Until a student receives written confirmation that an exception has been approved, the student should operate under the assumption that it will be denied (i.e., the student should continue to attend class, submit assignments, consider alternatives, etc.).