Graduate Student Forms

All forms listed on this page should be completed in full and submitted to [email protected] for approval. All forms marked as Registrar forms will require Registrar approval before processing. The Office of Graduate Studies will forward approved forms to the Office of the Registrar for you.


Arbitrary or Capricious Academic Evaluation Allegation (PDF)

To be used when submitting an academic evaluation allegation. Please review the guidance and procedures on cases of arbitrary or capricious academic evaluation before completing this form.

Consortium Registration (Registrar form)

To be used when registering for a consortium class. Please take note of the registration deadlines, as these differ from regular registration deadlines. Your program must approve and indicate how the course applies to your degree requirements before it is submitted to our office. This form needs to be signed by your faculty advisor and returned to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Consortium Drop (Registrar form)

To be used to drop a consortium registration.

Dual Enrollment Application Form (PDF)

Complete this form if you are applying to register in one of CCAS's approved dual degree programs. If you wish to register simultaneously in two other GW programs, you must submit the petition form below.

ETD Access Approval Form (University form)

If you are completing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, submit this form to [email protected] once your Thesis Advisor or Dissertation Director has approved your thesis or dissertation for publication.

Extension Request (PDF)

Complete this form if you are nearing your time limit for degree completion and need additional time to complete your degree. All requests must be submitted with the required documentation no later than the last semester of your program time limit.

Half-Time/Full-Time Certification (Registrar form)

Complete this form to be certified as a half-time or full-time student when you are registered in less than the number of credit hours required to qualify as full-time or half-time. This form needs to be signed by your faculty advisor and returned to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Incomplete Contract (PDF)

Complete this form when requesting an incomplete grade for a course. This form must be signed by the course instructor and the DGS of your program.

Leave of Absence (LOA) Form (PDF)

Submit this form if you need to take a LOA from your program of study. All LOA requests must be submitted either prior to or during the semester of the request (no later than the last day of classes). No retroactive requests will be permitted.

Petition Form (PDF)

Submit this form to request an exemption to a university or CCAS policy (where permitted).  

Registration Transaction Form (RTF) (Registrar form)

Use this form to manually register for a class. The RTF must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval. The RTF is used for the following:

Time conflicts, grade mode changes, credit hour changes, registration exceeding the maximum number of credits permitted, repeating courses, internships, registrations beyond the 4th week of the semester, withdrawals beyond the 10th week of the semester.

Registration Transaction Form (RTF-EZ) (Registrar form)

Use this form to manually register for a class. The RTF-EZ does not require Office of Graduate Studies approval and must be submitted either in person at the Student Services Hub or emailed to [email protected]. The RTF-EZ is used for the following:

Registration into closed courses, courses that require department/instructor permission, course restrictions, pre-requisite waivers.

Transfer of Credit (PDF)

Complete this form if you are applying to transfer credit from a non-GW or GW program.


Advancement to Candidacy Form (PDF)

Complete this form if you have completed all requirements and intend on advancing to candidacy.

Degree-along-the-Way Application Form (PDF)

Complete this form if you are intending on completing a master's degree on your way to completing your doctoral program.  

Final Examination/Dissertation Defense Form (PDF)

Doctoral students planning their defense must submit this form to the CCAS Office of Graduate Studies as soon as the final examination committee members and defense date have been decided. This form must be sent to [email protected] before the defense.

Final Examination/Dissertation Defense Sign-Off Form (PDF)

This form must be submitted after a student's dissertation defense to report its outcome. It must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies ([email protected]) directly by the student's dissertation research committee director or final examination chair.