Transferring Programs/Approved Dual Enrollment

Transferring Programs

If you are contemplating a transfer to another school or program within GW, you must consult with your current Director of Graduate Studies as well as with the Director of Graduate Studies in the program to which you are considering transferring. Transfers to another program within the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences require the submission of a petition form signed by both Departments, and then must be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies for review by the Associate Dean. It is not guaranteed that prior completed GW courses will transfer to your new program. If you have a graduate award, it is not guaranteed that any awards or assistantships are transferable to a new program of study. All transfer requests must be a part of your petition to transfer.

Transfers to a program at another school within the University require a formal graduate application to that particular GW school. Current master’s students who wish to apply for a Ph.D. program must do so through the online graduate application system.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is defined as being enrolled in 2 programs simultaneously. Since you are only permitted to be enrolled in one program, you must seek permission first to be enrolled in two. In some instances, you can double count credits between programs which allows completion of both programs with fewer credits. 

There are many different types of dual enrollment and different policies may apply, so please ensure you fully understand the conditions of your dual enrollment. Do not confuse dual enrollment with combined degree. Combined Degree Programs are specifically related to being enrolled in a Bachelor's degree and a Master's Degree (previously named the 5-year program).

No student may be enrolled in more than 2 programs at any given time.

If you are currently a CCAS graduate student and you would like to register for another program to be taken simultaneously, there are two different ways to apply depending on your program. Below is a list of approved dual programs. If your program appears on this list, you need to complete the Dual Enrollment Application Form. You must complete this form and have both Directors of Graduate Studies (DGS) approve the enrollment before submitting it to the Office of Graduate Studies. Please ensure you complete the form in full. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Internal CCAS Dual Programs

Please note: You must apply for dual enrollment after no more than 50% of the second program is completed.

Current Master's/Doctoral Program           Graduate Certificate Program Max. # of double counted credits
Applied Economics (M.S.) Budget and Public Finance, Data Science, Environmental Resource Policy, GIS 6
Data Science (M.S.) GIS 6
Environmental Resource Policy (M.A.) GIS 12
Geography (M.S.) GIS 12
Media and Strategic Communication (M.A.) Documentary Filmmaking 9
Museum Studies (M.A.) Non-profit Management 9
Professional Psychology (PsyD) LGBT Health Policy and Practice 12
Public Administration (M.P.A.) Budget and Public Finance, Non-profit Management 12
Public Policy (M.P.P.) Budget and Public Finance, Non-profit Management 12
Public Policy (M.P.P.) Data Science 9
Statistics (M.S.) Data Science 6

If your program is not on the list above, you will need to submit a petition in order to be registered in two programs simultaneously. If you wish to double-count credit, transfer credit rules apply. 

CCAS/Other GW School Dual Programs

CCAS Master's/Doctoral Program           Non-CCAS Graduate Certificate Program Max. # of double counted credits
Applied Economics (M.S.) Accountancy (GWSB), Business Analytics (GWSB), Digital Marketing & Communication (GWSB), Financial Management (GWSB), Sport Management (GWSB) 6
Physics (M.S., Ph.D.) High Performance Computing (SEAS) see advisor


Non-CCAS Master's/Doctoral Program          CCAS Graduate Certificate Program Max. # of double counted credits
Business Administration (M.B.A., GWSB; excluding Online M.B.A.) Non-profit Management 12

At this point in time, if you are not an existing CCAS graduate student then you cannot register in dual programs in CCAS. You may apply for a CCAS program at the completion of your degree.

Joint Degrees

Joint degree programs consist of two degrees which must be simultaneously conferred only after all requirements for both degree programs have been met. In CCAS, the joint degrees are offered between our school and the Law School. Students may double-count a specified number of credits in these programs (referred to by the Law School as “cross credits”).  

Students must be admitted to both the law school and, separately, to the school that will confer the master's degree. Each school must separately approve a student's application to pursue a joint degree program. Students can normally complete the two degrees in four years of full-time study. Once a student has been admitted to both schools as a joint degree candidate, the first year of study must be devoted exclusively to the first-year law curriculum.

JD/MA in History
  • JD/MA: 36 credits, 12 cross credits History (with a concentration in U.S. legal history)
  • JD/MA: 36 credits, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies (6 Law cross credits) 
JD/MA in WGSS Public Policy
  • JD/MA: 36 credits, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies (with a concentration in Public Policy) (6 Law cross credits)

JD/Master of Public Administration: 40 credits, 12 cross credits to and from each program


JD/Master of Public Policy: 40 credits, 12 cross credits to and from each program