Faculty Research Conversations

Columbian College faculty are inventors, authors, artists and internationally recognized experts in their fields. Their research spans all of the liberal arts, and they have received top awards including Pulitzers, Guggenheims and National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships. 

Ling Hao and Paul Wahlbeck on stage speaking with a Columbian College sign in the background

Chemistry's Role in Studying Brain Disease

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Chemistry's Ling Hao discusses the role of chemistry, bioinformatics and cell biology in the study of human neurodegenerative diseases.

Andrew Thompson with Paul Wahlbeck talking on a stage with Columbian College Branding

Democracy's Shifting Attitude

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Wahlbeck, Professor of Political Science Andrew Thompson discusses the impact of threat and anxiety on American Democracy.

Professor David DeGrazia and CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck having a discussion on a stage with CCAS branding.

A Question of Ethics

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Wahlbeck, Elton Professor of Philosophy David DeGrazia discusses "moral status" and the role of ethics in policies relating to AI, healthcare and more. 

Elizabeth Vaquera and Paul Wahlbeck speaking on a stage together with the CCAS seal

The Impact of Immigration Status on Wellbeing

CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck discusses the impact of immigration status on an individual’s education and wellbeing in a conversation with Elizabeth Vaquera, director of the Cisneros Institute.

Dmitry Streletskiy and Dean Paul Wahlbeck seated on a stage talking with a Columbian College of Arts and Sciences logo

Climate Change and the Thawing Permafrost

In a conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Geography's Dmitry Streletskiy discusses the impact of climate change on the overall sustainability of the Arctic.

Sherry Molock and Paul Wahlbeck seated on a stage with a George Washington University logo behind them

Addressing Suicide Risks Among Black Youths

In a conversation with Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Psychology's Sherry Molock discusses her work to address rising suicides rates among African American adolescents.

Denver Brunsman and Paul Wahlbeck talking on a stage with Columbian College of Arts and Sciences branding

George Washington's Life and Legacy

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, History Professor Denver Brunsman discusses George Washington's life and the impact of his legacy today.

Sarah Binder and Paul Wahlbeck seated onstage talking in front of a Columbian College sign

Midterm Election Results: Impact and Analysis

Sarah Binder, GW professor of political science and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, sat down with Dean Wahlbeck to discuss the midterm elections.

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The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Ecosystems

CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck and Assistant Professor of Biology Keryn Gedan discusses the ways global changes in the climate have impacted Chesapeake Bay's wetlands.

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Exploring Cosmic Extremes

CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck discusses with Physics Professor Alexander van der Horst his research on the multi-wavelength observations.

Africa's Impact on the African American Experience

Professor of History and International Affairs Nemata Blyden spoke with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck about the customs and traditions that carried over from Africa.

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A Changing Supreme Court: Politics and Polarization

Public pressure and the increasingly politicized process in nominating justices is changing perceptions of the court’s role.

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Green Chemistry Forges Path Forward

Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal, co-director of GW’s Environmental Green Chemistry Graduate Program, is addressing the challenges of switching to safer chemicals.

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Forecasting Our Economic Future

Professor of Economics and International Affairs Tara Sinclair sat down with Dean Paul Wahlbeck to discuss her economic forecast for the future.