Global Engagement

Columbian College encourages international and cross-cultural perspectives among our extensive community of distinguished scholars and diverse undergraduate and graduate students. A broad liberal arts education guides our students to use their knowledge to examine the critical issues that impact our region, nation and the world beyond. In addition, we are engaged in collaborative international research partnerships that are advancing a wide range of artistic, social and scientific imperatives.


Dean Vinson with International Students

GW Global

With a student body representing more than 135 countries, dozens of internationally-focused research institutes, and partnerships with major international organizations, GW is a truly global institution.

GW Confucius Institute Columbian College

GW Confucius Institute

Established in 2013, the GW Confucius Institute promotes the study of Chinese language and culture, supports Chinese teaching through instructional training and certification and encourages increased research in China studies.

Student sitting on a bench on campus

International Graduate Funding Initiative

To stimulate the benefits of global exchange, international students from qualifying countries may be eligible for a tuition award of up to $20,000 per academic year.

GW Language Center

GW Language Center

The GWU Language Center facilitates and promotes foreign language studies at the university, providing a wide array of academic support for both faculty and students.

GW student and professor performing Jiangsu speech

Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest

This Chinese language speech contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students studying Chinese in colleges and universities in the greater Washington, D.C., area.

International students English for Academic Purposes at the George Washington University

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

The EAP program prepares students who speak English as a second language to meet academic expectations for written communication at a university level.

GW students in the Global Bachelor's Program abroad

Global Bachelor's Program

The GW Global Bachelor's Program provides students the competencies and confidence to work and learn anywhere in the world by challenging them to pursue their educational goals in multiple international settings.

Nada Mohamed Columbian College

Nada Mohamed-Aly

Class of 2018, Political Science

"I took Arabic and international relations courses, but it never really clicked until I was speaking with local Jordanians who lived through the historical events I was studying in class. Studying abroad places you outside your comfort zone and challenges you in new ways."

In The News

Dr. Guiriec, right, receives NASA's 2017 Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

GW Physics Professor to Meet with President Macron

NASA scientist Sylvain Guiriec, a French citizen, participated in Emmanuel Macron’s welcome ceremony Monday and will meet with him and his staff.

Thu-hang and Robert Ogburn at their wedding

Colonial Love: Robert & Thu

From ping pong at the Marvin Center to miniature golf at Hains Point, Robert Ogburn, MA ’85, and Thu-hang (née Hoang), BA ’83, enjoyed D.C.’s fun and games when they dated at GW. The Colonial couple married and toured new countries and cultures before returning to campus after 20 years.
From left: Hana Springer, I-Fen Tung and Marlee Grant after rehearsals.

From Taiwan, Dance Students Look to the Future

At an international dance festival in Taiwan, seniors Marlee Grant and Hana Springer became cultural arts ambassadors. Back in D.C., they are using the lessons learned abroad to vault their professional goals.