Student Research

student research at GW

Our undergraduate and graduate students work side-by-side with faculty scientists and world-class investigators. No matter which field they explore—science, public policy, social science, the arts and humanities—they take full advantage of the breath of scholarship across the university. Columbian College students have opportunities to make discoveries in the field under the guidance of their instructors, and pursue independent projects through GW's funding initiatives. 

Recent Student Research

Tara Scully and students Diana Kussainova and Hannah Finkel with oyster shells

Saving the Bay, One Oyster at a Time

From research on herbicide poisoning to shell conservation efforts for repopulating marine life, Columbian College students are on a mission to revive an ecosystem of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology Ioannis Eleftherianos works with senior chemistry major Nate Bachtel to study the Zika

In Hunt for Zika Vaccine, Tiny Fruit Fly may be Missing Link

In an SEH biology laboratory, Ioannis Eleftherianos and a team of student researchers are putting the common fruit fly under the microscope in a global race against time to find a Zika virus vaccine.

scanned fingerprint

Fingerprint Analysis: Fact v. Fiction

Are no two sets of fingerprints exactly the same? Can fingerprints be erased? In Forensic Sciences’ classrooms, students uncover the myths of fingerprints—and prepare for a high-demand job market.