New Student Orientation

The Office of Graduate Studies is here to assist you with the transition to your graduate program and support you along the way until you graduate.  We are busy preparing a number of events and guides in various formats so that you can pick and choose those that best serve your needs. To prepare we suggest you start with the Next Steps Checklist - this checklist provides you with the next steps you need to complete in order to create your student account and make sure you are prepared for your arrival at GW.

Information About COVID-19

The university is taking steps across our campuses to assist in keeping you healthy, and providing reminders of what you can do for yourself.


Updates on university's Fall 2021 plan>>

How to Videos

We have prepared some short how to videos on various topics to help you prepare for your first semester.  

How to Register for Class

Step by step instructions on registering for class through GWeb.

Academic Resources

An overview of resources to help navigate all GW and CCAS academic policies.

Using DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is GW's online advising tool. Watch this video to learn how to access it and how to navigate it.

Official Transcript Requirements

What exactly is an official transcript?  How is that different from a final transcript? How do I submit an official transcript? 

How to Transfer Credits

Step by step instructions on how to tranfer credits to your graduate GW program.



Library Resources

Explore the library's events, database, and tutoring opportunities hosted by Deborah Bezanson.


Upcoming Virtual Events

All virtual events are scheduled for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Online Orientation

The Office of Graduate Studies will host online orientation sessions throughout the summer.  Please see the schedule below. Registration will not be necessary, all new students will receive email notifications on how to join orientation.  You will only need to attend one orientation session.  

All Students

  • Tuesday June 22, 2021, time TBD
  • Thursday July 22, 2021, time TBD
  • Wednesday August 25, 2021, time TBD

Program Orientation

Most programs will offer an additional program specific orientation closer to the start of semester.  Expect more details to be sent via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CCAS Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) understands that you have questions about your studies this fall and that you require information to make informed decisions about your personal and academic plans. We hope this FAQ will help. For more information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage regarding the upcoming semester. 

Below are some FAQs in preparation for our June Orientation

Access will be granted by the Careers office. You must be registered in at least one class to get access.

No parking is available at the Corcoran building however parking is available nearby.  More information can be found on the GW Parking website.

Student accounts will release Spring bills in late November. Payment is due before the start of the semester (January 11).

Fall bills will be released in May. Charges Due the first day of classes (Monday, August 30, 2021)

Yes.  Student accounts offers a monthly payment plan.  More information can be found on the Student Accounts website.

All consortium classes are billed by the home school and will be charged per the home school rates.  Therefore as a GW student you will be billed by GW at the GW credit hour rate.

All students, regardless of their program, have a time limit to complete degree requirements.  All Master's programs have 4 years.  More information on time limits can be access on our Time to Degree website

No, CCAS does not require an enrollment deposit.

A list of academic advisors or DGS's can be viewed on our contact us website.

No. shuttles are not currently running between the Foggy Bottom and Mt Vernon campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any student can participate in the GW health plan. To enroll visit the Colonial Health website.

All students have access to DegreeMap once you have created a NetID. Please visit the CCAS Orientation website to view a video for steps on how to access your DegreeMap.

Courses dropped prior to the first day of the semester will result in a 100% refund. Courses dropped on or after the first day are subject to the refund schedule. The schedule details the way in which the tuition and fees will be prorated should a student drop courses or withdraw completely. Drop penalties are non-refundable.

In recent weeks, we have seen progress on many fronts that is encouraging for our fall 2021 semester planning: Vaccine production and distribution are expanding, transmission rates are improving in the D.C. region and nationally, we are containing the spread of the virus on campus, and we are strengthening our public health capabilities to support an increase in the on-campus population.  Given these and other positive developments, we remain confident that we will be in person to the fullest extent possible this fall..  Please view the back to campus plan.

We have no specific date as to when the GWorld office will be open to get ID cards. Please visit the GWorld website for updates as more information is available.