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To contact specific offices within the Columbian College, please consult below:

Office of the Dean

Phillips Hall, Suite 212
Phone: 202-994-6130

Ben Vinson, Dean of Columbian College, 202-994-6130
Paul Wahlbeck, Vice Dean for Programs and Research, 202-994-4872
Eric Arnesen, Vice Dean for Faculty and Administration, 202-994-1053
Evie Downie, Associate Dean for Academic Assessment & Support, 202-994-0363
Mafona Shea , Human Resources Director, 202-994-2182
Maxine Cogar, Special Assistant to the Dean, 202-994-0814
Amber Carter, Scheduling and Information Specialist, 202-994-1971
Laura Boselovic, Faculty Personnel Coordinator, 202-994-3527
Tyler Cassidy, Department Operations Coordinator, 202-994-6130
Kelly Victor-French, Office Assistant, 202-994-3124

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Office of Research

Yongwu Rong, Associate Dean for Research & Strategic Initiatives, 202-994-9539
Juliana Smith, Research Manager, 202-994-5317
Ja’net Burke, School Research Administrator, 202-994-2304
Rebekka Egger, School Research Administrator, 202-994-7322
Gary Reynolds, School Research Administrator, 202-994-6449
Kristina Short, School Research Administrator, 202-994-0002
Jessica Zamiska, School Research Administrator, 202-994-6679

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Office of Global Initiatives

Frances Taoran Sun, Executive Director, Global Initiatives, 202-994-4638
Molly Mroch, Program Coordinator, 202-994-4808
Michael Andreano, Program Assistant, 202-994-2109

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Office of Undergraduate Studies

Phillips Hall, Suite 107
Phone: 202-994-6210
Fax: 202-994-6213

Elizabeth Chacko, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, 202-994-8116
Diana Willis, Office Manager, 202-994-1502
Gilda Mossadegh, Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising, 202-994-6210
Candace Gnahoui, Senior Administative Assistant for Dean Chacko, 202-994-8116

For more information and a full list of advisors, please visit the Undergraduate Academic Advising website.

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Office of Graduate Studies

Jeff Brand, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, 202-994-8397
Joanna Hatzis, Executive Coordinator for Dean Brand, 202-994-8397
Melissa Busskohl, Director of Graduate Admissions & Student Services
Katherine Conaty, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions/Fellowships
Natalie McCarter, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions & Recruitment
Lindsey Duble-Dice, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions & Advising
Anna Neubauer, Senior Coordinator
Nicole Davidson, Manager, Doctoral Student Services
Rebecca Burns, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Toni Colaninno, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Adrienne Douglass, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Michael Farmer, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Kate Moore, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Liz Kepferle, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator
Charita Hammett, Advanced Graduate Admissions Evaluator
Linda Wilkerson, Executive Assistant

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Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Phillips Hall, Suite 212
Phone: 202-994-7132

Phillip Horne, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-994-5432
Cara Pomponio, Executive Director of Development, 202-994-1435
Anita Pytlarz Ponchione, Senior Director, School Alumni Programs, 202-994-9866
Meredith Fox, Associate Director of Development, 202-994-1435
Jay Harder, Associate Director of Development, 202-994-9909
Emily Collins, Assistant Director of Development, 202-994-6063
Alicia York, Development and Alumni Relations Assistant, 202-994-7132

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Office of Communications and Marketing

Denise St. Ours, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications, 202-994-1981
John DiConsiglio, Senior Writer/Editor, 202-994-3748
April D. Rongero, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications, 202-994-7482
Long Nguyen, Senior Associate, Web & Multimedia Content, 202-994-0250
Jenna Postler, Communications Coordinator, 202-994-4782

For Columbian College website support, email our Web Help Desk ticketing system at

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Office of Finance and Administration

Cynthia Allen, Managing Director, Finance and Administration, 202-994-4215
Sara Evans, Associate Finance Director, 202-994-8095
Jelena Berberovic, Assistant Finance Director, 202-994-3926
Emprisia Lee, Fiscal Operations Manager, 202-994-3194
Michele Tyner, Senior Faculty Affairs Analyst, 202-994-2060
Ya Ju (Serena) Yang, Senior Financial Analyst, 202-994-9448
Larisa Prisacari, Financial Coordinator, 202-994-7638
Roy Myaing, Facilities & Financial Coordinator, 202-994-5096
Gary Reynolds, Senior School Grants Management Coordinator, 202-994-6449
Randall Shore, Director of Information Technology, 202-994-2132

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Office of Technology Services (OTS)

For all technology planning, implementation, and support:

Phone: 202-994-8096

For a list of full-time OTS staff, please visit the OTS website.

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