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A school of blue and gold snappers in the Galapagos

Shape of Fish Holds Key to Evolutionary Mystery

January 13, 2021
A research team including Biology’s Guillermo Orti and his former students charted how snapper fish transition and evolve their body shapes for environmental shifts.
 Alumnus author Loren Ghiglione at the former Mark Twain estate near the Mark Twain Library in Connecticut.

For Alumnus Author, A Journey into the American Identity

January 13, 2021
In his new book, Loren Ghiglione, PhD ’76, writes about his 14,000 mile-trip across 28 states in search of America’s identity, as well as his own.
Sample lab set with butterfly color grid and butterfly stamp

Digital Collections Keep Student Research Alive

January 13, 2021
Through a National Science Foundation-funded collaboration, Biology’s Carly Jordan is bringing digitized natural history collections into the classroom—from white cabbage butterflies to red swamp crayfish.
GW emblem on top of Professor's Gate

Continued Suspension of Study Abroad and Non-Essential Student Travel

January 13, 2021
The Office of the Provost announced that study abroad programs and other non-essential student travel will remain suspended for summer 2021. As the year progresses, we will continue to monitor vaccination trends in the United States as well as internationally, to ensure students will be welcome to travel to international destinations.
Photo of Professor Bethany Cobb Kung

CCAS Faculty Support AP Classes with Remote Lectures

January 13, 2021
Four Columbian College faculty members are contributing video lessons for a College Board effort to help AP high school students during the pandemic.
A field of flowers with four wind turbines in the distance

On Climate, CCAS Scientists See Biden Plans as Fresh Air

December 09, 2020
The incoming administration has proposed a broad strategy to address climate change. CCAS scientists say it can reach crucial environmental goals—but time is running out.
A screenshot with rows of people video chatting showing Professor Bill Adams talking to his Research Methods class on Zoom.

Teaching Trials: Professor Brings Vaccine Experience to the Classroom

December 09, 2020
TSPPPA professor Bill Adams drew on his own experience as a volunteer in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials to give his Research Methods class an insider’s look at a public health milestone.
Caroline Adegun

When Hollywood Dreams Dim, Alumna Shines a Light

December 09, 2020
For many aspiring entertainers, visions of stardom can fade into struggles with homelessness and depression. Caroline Adegun, BA ’12, MA ’16, launched a nonprofit to support their work and their lives.
Image of a forest with birds flying

‘Safety Net’ Required to Slow Biodiversity Decline

November 11, 2020
Biology’s Amy Zanne worked with an international research team to analyze new global biodiversity goals after decade-long environmental targets for 2020 fell short.
Photo of bare tree trunks in field

Ghosts of the Coast: Artists and Scientists Bring ‘Ghost Forests’ to Life

November 11, 2020
Biology’s Keryn Gedan and her student researchers joined artists and scientists on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to draw attention to “ghost forests,” eerie indicators of climate change along the Chesapeake Bay.
Mourners gather wearing masks and holding "Mourning into Unity" flags, with the Washington Monument visible in the background

New Mourning: How COVID Is Altering the Way We Grieve

November 11, 2020
From Zoom funerals to socially distanced memorials, the coronavirus has transformed end-of-life rituals. Anthropology professors and students are examining the new ways we say goodbye.
canaanite archaeological site

Earthquake May Have Destroyed Ancient Canaanite Palace

October 06, 2020
Flourishing Canaanite palatial site suddenly abandoned 3,700 years ago; new evidence points to earthquake as probable culprit.
TSPPPA student Omar Negron-Ocasio demonstrates a water quality test for a community leader in Corozal.

Troubled Water: A Student’s Crusade to Solve Puerto Rico’s Crisis

October 06, 2020
From Hurricane Maria to the COVID crisis, Puerto Rico’s tragedies have been compounded by widespread lack of access to clean water. TSPPPA student Omar Negron-Ocasio has a business plan to change that.
Firooz Zahedi photographing Jennifer Lopez

Glamour Shot: Alumnus Photographer Snaps the Stars

October 06, 2020
From Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez, photographer Firooz Zahedi, BFA ’76, is renowned for his portraits of the world’s most glamorous celebrities. In a new book, he reflects on making Hollywood’s brightest lights shine.
Joshua Douglas sits at a table speaking to a group of people

Election Outlook: Alumnus Highlights ‘Good News’

September 03, 2020
A contentious presidential contest has voters anxious about going to the polls and trusting the results. But election law expert Joshua Douglas, BA ’02, JD ’07, says the voting horizon is not all “doom and gloom.”