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two scientists in a lab looking at samples

Large Grants Fund Innovative Research

A significant number of research grants were awarded this year to CCAS scholars from top research organizations.

Lily Reck and Nora Houseman

Summer Program Opens Doors for STEM Students

Through a new CCAS internship program, STEM students spent the summer in labs, working with faculty and preparing for science careers.

John P. Benison

For Alumnus, Welcoming Campus Brought New Perspectives

Blind from birth, John P. Benison, BA ’93, has triumphed over life challenges, thanks in part to his parents and GW, which he attended with scholarship support.

D. gvnigeusgwotli in life, from Straight Fork, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

Salamander Species Shed Evolutionary Light

Three new black-bellied salamanders once thought to be a single species were discovered in the southern Appalachian Mountains by a CCAS research team.

Qing Pan headshot

Proof of Life: How Data Impacts the Real World

As an applied statistician, Professor of Statistics Qing Pan informs public health policy and testifies in courts.

Cars in a traffic jam on a highway

Study: Transportation Expenses Drive Urban Cost of Living

CCAS economists and alumni determined that longer commutes affect the cost of living in large cities more than zoning restrictions.

GW Professors Gate archway

New Faculty Strengthen Columbian College Ranks

Columbian College will welcome 24 new permanent full-time faculty this fall, adding expertise to disciplines across the sciences, social sciences and humanities

Justin Grady guarding a soccer goal

Eyes on the Prize: Student Stars in Soccer and Psychology

Whether in the lab or in the net, psychology major and soccer goalkeeper Justin Grady uses his study of visual cognition to see what others may miss.

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Browse the CCAS Faculty Bookcase

An appreciation of Roe v. Wade, a history of WWII racial strife and new fiction join the library of titles by CCAS scholars.

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Alumnus Among First to Rejoin Peace Corps Volunteers

As Peace Corps volunteers return to overseas service, Calvin DeWitt, BA ’21, is embarking on development projects in The Gambia.

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CCAS Faculty Awarded Fulbright Scholar Honors

Psychology’s Sarah Calabrese, Biology’s Keryn Gedan and Geography’s Aman Luthra are among the newest class of prestigious scholars.

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Alumnus Journey Spotlights Refugee Plight

For years after he came to the U.S. from Iran, Amin Arvin Attari, BS ’21, refused to call himself a refugee. Now, he has embraced the word as a point of pride.

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CCAS Students Share GW Memories

From internships and cultural celebrations to personal milestones and life goals, Columbian College students recalled their fondest memories.

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Unionized Nursing Homes Have Lower COVID Rates

A study led by Professor Adam Dean found that residents and workers at unionized nursing homes experienced lower mortality and infection rates than otherwise.

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Hair-Raiser: Primate Fur Teases Human Evolution

Researchers from the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology (CASHP) examined the factors driving hair variation in a wild population of lemurs.

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Jurassic Bark: Do Dogs Hold Hints to Early Language?

Courtney Sexton, a fifth-year PhD candidate, researches whether dogs’ nonverbal signals could have mirrored our own developing communication skills.

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TSPPPA Ranks among the Best in Country

Columbian College’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration increased its overall standing for best public affairs school in the country.

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For CCAS Community, Ukraine Connections Loom Large

As Ukraine remains under siege, Columbian College faculty, students and alumni have awaited news from loved ones while spearheading humanitarian aid efforts.

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The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Ecosystems

CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck and Assistant Professor of Biology Keryn Gedan discusses the ways global changes in the climate have impacted Chesapeake Bay's wetlands.

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Hearing By Seeing: Lipreading Bridges Conversation Gap

Researchers at the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Science are helping adults with hearing loss through novel approaches to lipreading training.