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Ling Hao and Paul Wahlbeck on stage speaking with a Columbian College sign in the background

Chemistry's Role in Studying Brain Disease

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Chemistry's Ling Hao discusses the role of chemistry, bioinformatics and cell biology in the study of human neurodegenerative diseases.

Laura Schiavo

Never Neutral: U.S. Museums Face Historical ‘Reckoning’

With museums across the country reexamining their Native American exhibits, Laura Schiavo uncovers a legacy of political and cultural influence.

Andrew Thompson with Paul Wahlbeck talking on a stage with Columbian College Branding

Democracy's Shifting Attitude

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Wahlbeck, Professor of Political Science Andrew Thompson discusses the impact of threat and anxiety on American Democracy.

Data science students working on the DSSD Ukraine map include (clockwise from left)

Data Science Students Map a Mission for Ukraine

As winter sets in, Ukrainians face harsh temperatures in war-torn homes. But CCAS students are using their data science skills to map out a rescue plan.

Caroline J. Smith in her kitchen surrounded by cookware and holding her book

Our Kitchens, Ourselves

In her book, Writing Professor Caroline J. Smith serves up a tour of how kitchens have changed over the decades to reflect societal shifts and gender politics.

Professor David DeGrazia and CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck having a discussion on a stage with CCAS branding.

A Question of Ethics

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Wahlbeck, Elton Professor of Philosophy David DeGrazia discusses "moral status" and the role of ethics in policies relating to AI, healthcare and more. 

Following endurance athlete Kerry Gruson’s presentation to the Extreme Decisions class, from left, junior Bri Attey Mouanjo, senior Aahil Virani and junior Afure Moses-Taiga added well-wishes to her signature “performance pants.”  (Photos: Lily Speredelozzi)

Org Sci Class Examines Decision Making

Students in Nils Olsen’s organizational sciences seminar on Extreme Decisions explore how decision makers operate under intense pressures.

Elizabeth Vaquera and Paul Wahlbeck speaking on a stage together with the CCAS seal

The Impact of Immigration Status on Wellbeing

CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck discusses the impact of immigration status on an individual’s education and wellbeing in a conversation with Elizabeth Vaquera, director of the Cisneros Institute.


Mercy Mission: Alumnus Connects West Africa to Health Care

Nasser Diallo, BA ’18, founded Clinic+O to improve health care access for millions in his native Guinea and across West Africa.

Vials in a lab being filled with clear blue liquid

Lab Tech: Is AI the Drug Developer of the Future?

At a summit of leading scholars and researchers, Chemistry’s Jakub Kostal discussed whether using AI technology in drug development is revolutionary—or risky.