Featured Stories

Akos Vertes (left) and Chet Sherwood (right)

Two GW Scientists Nab International Recognition

Chemistry’s Akos Vertes and Anthropology’s Chet Sherwood (right) were elected AAAS Fellows, the scientific community’s top honor for innovators in the field.

Against a black background reads 'Mellon Foundation' in white text

Mellon Funds Humanities Project Focused on Storytelling

The CCAS English Department will join a Mellon Foundation project to provide marginalized populations with the empowering capacities of storytelling.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist stands in front of a classroom while he speaks to students

A Novel Approach to Stuttering: Listening

Former NBA star Michael Kidd-Gilchrist gave CCAS speech pathology students a glimpse into his experiences with stuttering.

Sherry Molock and Paul Wahlbeck seated on a stage with a George Washington University logo behind them

Addressing Suicide Risks Among Black Youths

In a conversation with Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Psychology's Sherry Molock discusses her work to address rising suicides rates among African American adolescents.

Junior American Studies major Noor Jehan Ansari discussed the experiences of Muslim students at the Interrogating GW conference. (Photos: William Atkins).

Interrogating the Past: Students Reveal GW History

In his American Studies capstone course, Tom Guglielmo asks students to train a critical eye on GW’s legacy—from Civil War archives to on-campus activism.

André Culbreath

Culbreath Named Inaugural DEI Director for CCAS

A veteran of DEI management, André Culbreath will work with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck to strengthen the college’s commitment to diversity.

Denver Brunsman and Paul Wahlbeck talking on a stage with Columbian College of Arts and Sciences branding

George Washington's Life and Legacy

In a video conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, History Professor Denver Brunsman discusses George Washington's life and the impact of his legacy today.

Tim Shenk

Whatever Happened to Coalition Building?

Why can’t modern American political systems build consensus? Timothy Shenk's new book explores how visionaries once forged majorities—and how polarization tore them apart.

Jarva Weiss, a white woman with medium length silver hair, sits on a white Adirondack chair. There is a lake and a smattering of trees behind her. On the right is her husband, Daniel Weiss. He has short, dark hair with silver in it as well. The couple are holding hands.

Giving Back: For Alumna, Scholarships Spark Opportunities

A scholarship helped alumna Sandra Jarva Weiss, BA ’80, JD ’83, meet her husband and make only-at-GW memories. Now she’s helping students write their own stories.

Professor Papish stands in front of a white board lecturing to a class (not pictured)

Exploring the Nature of Evil

In her Dean’s Seminar, Laura Papish leads first-year CCAS students in philosophical discussions on the nature of evil and its impact across generations.