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Jarva Weiss, a white woman with medium length silver hair, sits on a white Adirondack chair. There is a lake and a smattering of trees behind her. On the right is her husband, Daniel Weiss. He has short, dark hair with silver in it as well. The couple are holding hands.

Giving Back: For Alumna, Scholarships Spark Opportunities

A scholarship helped alumna Sandra Jarva Weiss, BA ’80, JD ’83, meet her husband and make only-at-GW memories. Now she’s helping students write their own stories.

Professor Papish stands in front of a white board lecturing to a class (not pictured)

Exploring the Nature of Evil

In her Dean’s Seminar, Laura Papish leads first-year CCAS students in philosophical discussions on the nature of evil and its impact across generations.

Happy Holidays from the GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Happy Holidays to the CCAS Family

We asked members of the Columbian College community—students, faculty and staff—to share their favorite December holiday memories and traditions. 

Sarah Binder and Paul Wahlbeck seated onstage talking in front of a Columbian College sign

Midterm Election Results: Impact and Analysis

Sarah Binder, GW professor of political science and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, sat down with Dean Wahlbeck to discuss the midterm elections.

Two large satellites outside at night

Astrophysics Student Impacts Earth and Sky

Graduate student Sarah Chastain searches space for cosmic transients—a project that is opening the field to a diverse new generation of students and scholars.

Mohammed and his sister embrace on a couch outdoors

When Autism Research Hits Home

Luther Rice-winning neuroscience major Mohammed Almarkhan researches autism. His findings may improve the lives of millions——including his own sister.

Students in a parking lot crouch around an iPhone

Out in the Streets: For Geography Students, D.C. is their Classroom

From bike lanes to bus stops, the geography majors in David Rain’s capstone class are traveling throughout the District to understand curbside use.

COVID-19 Misinformation in red text on a white mask

Study: Online Battle Lost Early in COVID Crisis

A team led by Physics’ Neil Johnson revealed mainstream Facebook communities were already intertwined with anti-science groups before COVID-19 vaccines arrived.

Image of mother and daughter silhouettes holding hands in front of a fence.

Mothering Behind Bars

As more mothers are jailed for minor offenses, Sociology’s Zimife Umeh interviewed formerly incarcerated women about the trauma of institutional separation.

Photograph of Sherry Molock speaking at Beloved Community Church.

Partnering with Churches, Psychology Team Targets Suicides Among Black Youth

With suicide rates skyrocketing among young African Americans, Psychology professor Sherry Molock is working with churches to address the crisis in communities.