Press Announcements

Brendan O'Connor

Unique Jet Structure of Gamma-Ray Burst: 3 Questions with Brendan O'Connor

Physics graduate student Brendan O'Connor was interviewed in a video about the unique jet structure of the brightest gamma-ray burst of all time.

Francys Subiaul

GW Study Explores Human Cultural Learning and Evolution

A study led by the Speech and Hearing Department's Associate Professor Francys Subiaul offers new insights into why human cultures become more complex over time.

David DeGrazia

Should AI Systems Have Rights? 3 Questions with David DeGrazia

David DeGrazia, Elton Professor of Philosophy, was interviewed in a video about the potential consciousness of artificial intelligence.

Inka Unku

Unique Discovery Offers Glimpse of Provincial Culture in Inka Empire

A new study co-authored by Anthropology's Jeffrey Splitstoser examines the Inka Empire’s instruments of culture and control through a well-preserved article of clothing discovered in a centuries-old...

Rebekah Tromble

GW Professor Condemns Decision to End Free Access to Twitter API

Rebekah Tromble, associate professor of media and public affairs, is one of several GW faculty members who are highly concerned about the civic, academic and legal ramifications of Twitter’s decision.

Yonatan Lupu Headshot

GW Study Links Offline Events to Spikes in Online Hate Speech

Trigger events, such as protests and elections, often lead to an increase in numerous types of online bigotry toward a wide range of targeted groups.

A blue orb in space emits a ray of pale yellow light

Research News Alert: Sudden Spin-down Event Illuminates Magnetar Mystery

A new paper published in Nature Astronomy is shedding light on magnetars, whose attributes remain poorly understood.

David Karpf headshot

GW Expert Discusses the Future of Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to disrupt a wide array of industries. But that doesn't mean it necessarily will. SMPA's David Karpf explored this idea in a recent Atlantic article.

GW PhD Student Plays Key Role in Gamma-Ray Burst Discovery

The unique cosmic explosion rattles scientists’ understanding of long gamma-ray bursts.

How Do We Learn About Other People?

A new study by a team including Gabriela Rosenblau, assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience, introduces a new computational modeling framework that describes how people learn about others.