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New Study Calls Into Question the Importance of Meat Eating in Shaping Our Evolution

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by W. Andrew Barr, assistant professor of anthropology and lead author on the study, calls into question the primacy of...

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Researchers Switch Off Gene to Switch On Ultraviolet in Butterfly Wings

In a study led by Arnaud Martin, assistant professor of biology, a team of researchers at the George Washington University has identified a gene that determines whether ultraviolet iridescence shows...

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Online Parenting Communities Pulled Closer to Extreme Groups Spreading Misinformation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Physics professor Neil Johnson and Political Science professor Yonatan Lupu, along with their research team, set out to better understand how the Facebook...

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New Study Suggests Healthcare Provider Biases Can Impact a Patient’s Access to Preventative HIV Drug

A new study published today reveals systematic biases among primary and HIV care providers about people who inject drugs.

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George Washington University Experts Available for Media Interviews on Social Media and the Spread of Harmful Content

Facebook and other social media companies have faced increasing scrutiny on Capitol Hill after a former Facebook employee described how the company helps facilitate the spread of harmful content....

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Zoning Policies That Boost Affordable Housing: Good for the Heart?

Inclusionary zoning policies that increase the supply of affordable housing may be good for the heart. So says a first-of-a-kind study published today by sociology researchers at the George...

New International Study Shows Fact Checks Significantly Reduce Belief in Misinformation

Fact-checking reduces belief in misinformation and leaves a more enduring mental imprint than false claims, according to a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy...

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The George Washington University Partners with Student Defense, Columbia University to Launch Higher Education Research Initiative

The George Washington University, along with Student Defense and Columbia University, launched the Postsecondary Equity & Economics Research (PEER) Project. PEER will unite university...

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Iowa School Districts with Strong Teachers Unions More Likely to Adopt Mask Mandates

Professor of Political Science Adam Dean led a study that found that school districts in Iowa were more likely to adopt COVID-19 mask mandates if they had a strong teachers union. Published in the...

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GW Politics Poll Finds Varying Confidence in State and Local Elections

The George Washington University Politics Poll found that Democratic voters continue to have more faith in state and local elections than Republicans. The poll, which is a joint venture of GW’s...