Sophomore Colloquia



Prof. Jamie Cohen-Cole and sophomore Taylor Stonebarger talking in a classroom


Modeled after the popular Dean’s Seminars for Columbian College freshmen, the Sophomore Colloquia are small, seminar-style courses limited to second-year students. The courses engage students deeply in a discipline, providing focus on a narrow issue of high interest and impact and requiring participation in independent research projects. They are specifically designed to challenge students through intensive scholarship under faculty guidance.

Second-year Columbian College students can register for Sophomore Colloquia through the GWeb Information System.


Spring 2018 Sophomore Colloquia

For the dates and times that these courses meet, please review the Schedule of Classes.

  • CHEM 2000
  • Stuart Licht
  • GPAC: Social Science

This course explores the pathways to mitigate climate change-linked events, which include flood, famine, tornadoes, hurricane, drought, sea level rise and species loss. Instead of generating electricity, this seminar will explore and analyze options to provide society’s current needs such as iron, cement, bleach fuels, clean water and plastics production using renewable energy and sustainable resources.

  • GEOG 2000.11
  • Elizabeth Chacko
  • GPAC: Social Science
  • GPAC: Oral Communication

In this course we will investigate and analyze key conceptual and theoretical ways of examining the relationships between migration and the city through readings on migration processes and theories, the conceptualization of places such as immigrant enclaves, immigrant identity as it relates to place, immigrant entrepreneurship, the gendered nature of some migrant flows and the mutual influence of immigrants and urban landscapes and cultures. We will also conduct research on immigration and its effects in the Washington Metropolitan Area, using data available from archival sources, the U.S. Census and information gathered by students in this course.

  • ORSC 2000.10
  • Lynn Offermann
  • GPAC: Social Science
  • GPAC: Oral Communication

This course explores diversity in the U.S. workforce and its implications for human resource management. Topics include managing diversity of all kinds: sexual, ethnic, personality, cultural, age and ability. Issues surrounding affirmative action, sexual harassment, and work/family balance will also be discussed.


Elizabeth Chacko Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies

Elizabeth Chacko

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

"The Sophomore Colloquia provide additional venues for training our students in theory and research methods in a wide variety of disciplines earlier in their academic careers."