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Columbian College boasts over 80,250 alumni living in all 50 states and in more than 120 countries. Our alumni make a difference in their communities and the world beyond and give back to their alma mater through their time, talent and philanthropic support.

Their successes in the sciences, public policy, the arts, humanities and social sciences are a reflection of our success as a learning institution and value of a liberal arts degree.

As members of the GW Alumni Association, regional and international alumni networks, affinity groups, industry networks, career services and student alumni programs, Columbian College graduates remain active and engaged members of the university community.



Alumni Stories

Dr. King reuniting with his family upon his release from prison. Coretta kisses his cheek and his two children hug him.

Saving MLK: Alumnus Author Recounts King’s Days of Peril

In 1960, Martin Luther King, Jr., faced a harrowing nine days in a dangerous prison. In his book, Paul Kendrick, BA ’05, MPA ’07, tells how King’s ordeal changed politics as we know it.
Art Therapy spelled out in bright chalk on a sidewalk

Tapping the Healing Power of Art for 50 Years

The CCAS Art Therapy Program, one of the oldest and most influential of its kind, is celebrating a milestone half-century anniversary.
Energy scientist Maggie Teliska, PhD ’04, (left) with her faculty mentor Professor of Chemistry David Ramaker, (right) who passe

Alumna Makes Chemistry Connections

Inspired by her faculty mentors, Maggie Teliska, PhD ’04, forged a career in sustainable energy. Now she’s helping other chemistry students make their mark in STEM industries.


  • Gil Cisneros, BA ’94 (Political Science) Member of Congress (D-Calif.)

    Gil Cisneros

    "You all have the ability to influence and make a difference in somebody’s life, and you should. Give back to your community and create opportunities for others."

    Gil Cisneros
    BA ’94, Political Science
    Member of Congress (D-Calif.)

  • Jennifer L. Maher, BA ’04 (Psychology, Criminal Justice) Chief Executive Officer, 1776

    Jennifer Maher

    "Make sure you have a professional and personal support system to help you through the tough times."

    Jennifer Maher
    BA ’04, Psychology, Criminal Justice
    Chief Executive Officer, 1776

  • Alex Nyerges, BA ’79, MA ’82 (Anthropology, American Civilization) Director, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

    Alex Nyerges

    "Dream big. One never achieves happiness without reaching beyond what you thought, or what others have told you, are your limits."

    Alex Nyerges
    BA ’79, MA '82, Anthropology, American Civilization
    Director, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

  • Claritza Jimenez, BA ’05 (Political Communications) Senior Producer, POLITICO

    Claritza Jimenez

    "Practice listening to yourself. What is it that you really, really want? Not what sounds good or looks good on paper. Only you have the answer to that."

    Claritza Jimenez
    BA ’05, Political Communications
    Senior Producer, POLITICO

  • David Holt, BA ’01 (Political Science) Mayor, Oklahoma City

    David Holt

    "It’s healthy to be ambitious but don’t let ambition cause you to miss out on the pride you will deserve to feel."

    David Holt
    BA ’01, Political Science
    Mayor, Oklahoma City

  • Chris Cerbo,  BA ’95, Radio, Television Senior Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, Twentieth Century Fox

    Chris Cerbo

    "Don’t be afraid to chase what excites you and find a way into your dream job."

    Chris Cerbo,
    BA ’95, Radio, Television
    Senior Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, Twentieth Century Fox


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Isaiah Pickens

Isaiah Pickens

BA '05, Psychology

“I knew if I was going to choose this career and remain true to my cultural heritage, I’d have to find a way to be a bridge, I’d have to find a way to show young people that I wasn’t giving up on them—and provide them with a reason not to give up on themselves."