Writing for Assessment, Assessing Student Writing

Thu, 13 August, 2020 3:00pm
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Hybrid and flexible learning environments pose many challenges. A key challenge is how to assess students in online learning environments where traditional methods of testing, such as multiple choice questions and short answers, may not work. This workshop will explore strategies and techniques for using writing assignments to assess students. The session will include discussions on how to effectively communicate to students what is being assessed, writing comprehensive question prompts, potential uses for rubrics, and what different kinds of writing assessments might be effective. The workshop aims to facilitate discussion among faculty and to offer a space to share best (and worst) practices.


  • Phil Troutman, Director of Writing in the Disciplines and Assistant Professor of History
  • Declan Cullen, Assistant Professor of Geography

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This workshop is part of a series of CCAS Faculty Workshops organized by the CCAS Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

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