New Graduate Degrees Match Marketplace Demand

Student in a chemistry lab
January 13, 2016

To keep pace with the evolving challenges of the 21st-century global marketplace, new graduate programs have been launched to better prepare students for in-demand expertise in green chemistry and communication management. Each program offers students the opportunity to acquire a strong academic foundation while mastering practical skills that equip them for success in these burgeoning professions.


Student in a chemistry lab



  The MS in Environmental and Green Chemistry trains students as leaders developing innovative scientific solutions to environmental challenges. The program presents an interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters expertise in evaluating the state of the environment and designing greener technologies. It emphasizes both environmental chemistry and green chemistry, focusing on the design of new chemicals and chemical processes with minimal environmental impact. Learn more.


People working in an office



The MA in Communication Management equips students to succeed as organizational leaders. The only degree of its kind in the Washington, D.C., metro area, the interdisciplinary program helps students develop their problem-solving, strategic decision-making and written and oral advocacy skills. Graduates are prepared to excel at communication management objectives, from effective leadership and better flow of essential communications to higher employee satisfaction, stronger brand recognition and increased profits. Learn more.