Luther Rice Sample Submissions

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowships support Columbian College students conducting research under the supervision of a faculty member. The research proposal is an important component of the scholarship application. Browse these examples of proposal submissions from past Luther Rice fellows for guidance. You can also visit the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research website for a detailed rubric for Luther Rice applications


Sample 1: Does Compensation for Social Challenges in Autism Exact a Toll on Mental Health?

This proposed research project will investigats whether and, if so, which specific compensatory strategies that adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) use for their social-communication difficulties are associated with exacting a toll on mental health (i.e., increased anxiety and depression symptoms). The purpose of the proposed study is to understand the underpinnings and mental health impacts of compensation in ASD. The research question guiding the project is: Is use of social-communication compensatory strategies in ASD associated with increased anxiety and depression symptoms?

Download Sample Proposal 1 (PDF)


Sample 2: Relations Between West Germany and Rhodesia

This research project proposes to examine relations between West Germany and the unrecognized state of Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) between 1965 and 1979. The research will engage with several important questions in the field of diplomatic history, including how West Germany saw itself in the struggles of decolonization in the Cold War, and how West Germany balanced economic concerns with a desire to promote human rights in regards to its policies towards Rhodesia. In addition to relying on online materials, the project scope includes a proposed trip to Berlin in order to access the archives of the German Foreign Ministry.

Download Sample Proposal 2 (PDF)


Sample 3: Athlete Brain Health and Aging Study

Conducted in the R.W. Turner Lab, this proposed study asks the question: What are the long-term neurocognitive and psychosocial implications of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? Through interviews conducted on Zoom with former NFL and former college football players, the study will investigate the transition into non-athletic life. What specific factors influence the degree of difficulty of their transition? What psychological and emotional barriers inform their behavior?

Download Sample Proposal 3 (PDF)