Funding Opportunities for New Students

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) offers funding for all doctoral and master's programs. Opportunities for funding differ by level and by program. PhD students are typically offered full funding packages (full tuition, living stipend and graduate assistantship), while master's students typically receive a partial tuition award. Some master's programs also have graduate assistantships available as well as small stipend awards.

No additional application is necessary for any CCAS award. Simply check the box on the application for admission to indicate that you would like to be considered for an award. Awards outside CCAS may have separate application forms and application deadlines. Review these requirements ahead of time as funding deadlines may take place before application deadlines.


Funding for Master's and PsyD Students

 Dean's Awards

Students applying to one of Columbian College’s Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Forensic Science (MFS) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree programs may be eligible for a Dean’s Award. These non-renewable partial tuition awards range from $5,000 to $20,000. The deadline to be considered for this funding opportunity for Fall is February 1 and October 1 for Spring.

 Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Award

Columbian College’s MSI Award provides an application fee waiver, and applicants may be considered for tuition award of up to 40 percent to eligible students who attended eligible MSI institutions and are applying to Columbian College graduate programs. Awards are made on a competitive basis to the most highly qualified eligible applicants. The deadline to be considered for this funding opportunity for Fall is February 1 and October 1 for Spring.

Eligibility Criteria

  • apply before the February 1 application deadline for Fall and October 1 deadline for Spring;
  • expect to receive an undergraduate degree from an eligible MSI or already hold such a degree; and
  • be enrolled in a Columbian College graduate program to receive the tuition benefit, renewable for the normal duration of the degree.

 Global Leaders Fellowship 

GW values diversity and the foundation it provides for a rich educational experience both inside and beyond the classroom. In our increasingly global society, multicultural fluency and experience are essential to meeting the demands of the 21st century. When people of different religions, cultures and histories study and learn together, we gain a broader perspective of the world around us. Columbian College's Global Leaders Fellowship provides and application fee waiver and a renewable tuition award of up to $10,000 per academic year to eligible international applicants. The deadline to be considered for this funding opportunity for Fall is February 1 and October 1 for Spring.

Eligibility Criteria

For 2022-2023 the Global Leaders Award is available to qualified students who are citizens of Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and Vietnam. To qualify, students must be:

  • citizens of an eligible country;
  • studying on a F-1 visa; and
  • be admitted to and enroll in a master's program.

 Graduate Awards

Some programs have additional funding available in the form of tuition fellowships and graduate assistantships. Applicants will be considered at the time of admission review. Graduate Assistantship positions may be available in a given semester based on the teaching needs in a department/program.


Grad2Grad is a special opportunity for current GW undergraduate students to transition straight into graduate studies after completing their bachelor's degree. The program provides a 10 percent reduction in tuition to eligible graduating seniors.

 Military Education Benefits

If you are a veteran, active duty service member or dependent of either, you may be eligible for financial aid through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The Office of Military and Veteran Student Services can help you navigate programs like the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill to obtain support for your graduate program.

 Other GW/External Fellowship Opportunities

The Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships has additional resources and information on various options to fund your study at the graduate level.  Opportunities on their website related to scholarships and fellowships have specific criteria, deadlines, and application requirements.

Other Types of Funding

 Loan Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) oversees the processing of all loans for students who have been admitted to a GW graduate degree or certificate program. Federal loan programs require U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status and at least half-time attendance. Credit-based consumer loans are available to supplement other sources of aid, and OSFA can provide school certification for any alternative program you choose.

Instructions for applying for these different types of loans are provided online.

 Graduate Assistantships (GA) / Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

Academic departments select Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs). These positions are limited and not available in all departments. Interested candidates should indicate their interest in a GA position on their admission application, if applicable. Students can also contact their program’s DGS for more information about being a GA in a future term.

International students who are required to submit English proficiency scores must achieve a minimum TOEFL of 100 (IELTS overall of 7.0 with no individual score below 6.0) in order to be considered for a GA position. GRAs and Fellows are not required to have a TOEFL higher than the minimum for their program, but note that awards do not cover EAP (English for Academic Purposes) coursework. Students who were waived out of providing test scores for the English language requirement in the application are eligible. Current GW students who have successfully completed EAP (English for Academic Purposes) in a prior term are also eligible. If you are offered a GA or GRA award and you are in the US on a visa, you must be on an appropriate visa (F-1) to accept the award. If you are not on an F-1 visa, please contact your visa sponsor, as GW will request written permission from your sponsor to serve. This may not be possible depending upon your visa type.


Many graduate students obtain employment to help fund their studies.

International students with F-1 or J-1 visa status may be able to supplement their classroom experiences and personal funds through employment, cooperative education or internships, but proper employment authorization must be obtained BEFORE beginning work. For more information, contact the International Services Office.

 GW Career Center

The GW Career Center has information on full-time, part-time, internship, cooperative education, temporary and summer positions as available.

 Tuition Assistance for GW Employees

Through the tuition remission benefit, GW extends its educational resources to our employees and their dependents. The benefit provides competitive, accessible and valuable tuition benefits to those who seek to further develop themselves, both personally and professionally. Employees may not combine tuition benefits with any graduate award.

 Federal Work-Study Program

Available to U.S. citizens, the Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs for graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study. 

 External International Funding Opportunities