Foreign Transcript Requirements

International Transcript Requirements

You must submit all official documents listed below for the country where you earned your undergraduate degree. You may mail the documents to the CCAS Graduate Office or deliver them in person to 107 Phillips Hall after you arrive in the U.S. The deadlines to submit these documents are:

Summer - July 1
Fall - September 1
Spring - February 1

Unless otherwise noted below, all of the documents you submit must be:

  • Official (printed and issued by your undergraduate institution); and
  • Original (no photocopies or scans); and
  • Translated into English, (if applicable). Please submit both the original document and the translation; and
  • Received by the CCAS Graduate Office in an envelope that is sealed (closed) by your undergraduate institution. You may not put the documents in an envelope yourself. The person at your undergraduate institution who gives you the documents should put them in the envelope and place his/her signature or an official university stamp over the flap of the envelope after it is closed. Do not open the envelope before you give it to CCAS.


Official Document Requirements by Country:

Below is list of requirements by country.

Bologna Process participant countries
  • Official transcript and
  • Diploma Supplement (in English)
  • Official transcript (Historico Escolar) and
  • Certified copy of Diploma or Certificate of Conclusion
  • Official Transcript (must indicate that the degree was conferred/awarded)
  • Note: Transcripts from institutions in Québec must be supplied in both French and English.
  • Final transcript and degree certificate.
  • All documents must be verified by the CDGDC and submitted directly from the CDGDC to the CCAS Graduate Admissions Office. Please keep in mind that the CDGDC verification process takes a minimum of 20 business days.
  • Attested copy of Diploma or Provisional Certificate and
  • Attested copy of Official Transcript or Mark Sheet. Consolidated mark sheets are not acceptable.
  • Official (university-issued) copy of Final Transcript and
  • Official (university-issued) copy of Diploma and
  • Official translations of Final Transcript and Diploma authorized by the Ministry of Justice
  • Official Transcript and
  • Certified copy of Degree Certificate
  • Official, certified, or attested copy of Diploma and
  • Official, certified, or attested copy of Addendum to Diploma
Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and United Kingdom:
  • Official Transcript (must indicate that the final degree was conferred/awarded)

If you have questions about document requirements for a country that is not listed above, please contact us at