Continuous Registration

Continuous Registration Policy

All CCAS graduate students are required to register continuously each fall and spring semester until the completion of their program. Registration during the summer is optional except for students in the Professional Psychology (PsyD) program, and for those who plan to complete their degree requirements in the summer semester. Failure to register requires that a student apply for readmission. 

However, there are certain situations in which a student may not be registered for coursework but is instead permitted to enroll in Continuing Research, Continuous Enrollment, or a Leave of Absence.  Each of these situations is discussed in this section, but please reach out to your Coordinator if you feel you are unable to complete courses in a given semester but wish to maintain your student status.

Continuing Research (CR)

If you have completed all of your required course work, all special departmental requirements, and all thesis/dissertation research registration requirements and are within the deadline to complete your program (see the Timeframe section of this orientation) you may register for one credit of Continuing Research (CR) each semester until the completion of your degree. You may need to register for CR because you are sitting your comprehensive examinations or completing your thesis or dissertation.

Continuing Research is listed in the Schedule of Classes under Columbian College as CCAS 0940 for doctoral students and CCAS 0920 for Master's. Semesters of Continuing Research count against the time limit for completion of degree requirements. 

Continuous Enrollment (CE)

If you are completing your program in the Summer semester you may register for Continuous Enrollment (CE). Continuous Enrolment is a 0 credit course, so there is no tuition charge, but there is a $35 registration fee. To register for CE you must contact your CCAS coordinator.

There is a special section of Continuous Enrollment designed for international students completing their degree requirements in the summer. While it is still zero credits, in order to comply with visa regulations the title of the course is Continuing Research. This is different from the 1 credit Continuing Research course (CCAS 0920/0940) mentioned above, and you will need to contact your CCAS coordinator in order to register.

Continuous Enrollment in summer semesters is permitted on a routine basis, without petition. Semesters of Continuous Enrollment count against the time limit for completion of degree requirements. 

Doctoral students with external funding

If, in a Fall or Spring semester, you are otherwise eligible to register for either Continuing Research (1.0 credits, normal tuition) or Dissertation Research (8999) and either 1) is otherwise entitled to receive one or more credits of tuition support from CCAS in the semester in question or 2) is awarded external funding in competition for the semester in question, then the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies may approve a petition to register instead for Continuous Enrollment. Registration for international students receiving external funding whom the Associate Dean approves for CE will be restricted to the 0 credit Continuous Research course.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

If you have a medical or family emergency, you may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) by submitting a form to your department. Your request must be approved by both your department and the Associate Dean; if it is approved the CCAS Graduate Dean's Office will inform you and submit the required registration paper work to the Office of the Registrar. 

You will not have access to University facilities or resources, including the library and the faculty, during a LOA. 

No more than two semesters of LOA are allowed over the total period of enrollment in the program. Exceptions are made for military service. A LOA will only be approved for family and medical emergencies, and not for reasons such as increased work commitments and overseas travel.

You are not required to pay any tuition while on LOA.


It is important to note the differences between CE and LOA.

  • CE implies that you are still studying and making progress towards your degree completion, LOA is that you are not studying at all and are taking a "leave".
  • Semesters of CE count towards your time to degree completion, semesters of LOA do not count towards your time to degree completion.
  • You are an "active" student while enrolled in CE so you can access the library, gym, receive student loan deferrals etc.  You are an "inactive" student while on LOA so you may not access the library, gym and you may be required to start paying back your student loans.