Baking, Gardening, Memes and More: Students Share Their Self-Care Tips

a jogger on the sidewalk of the Arlington Memorial Bridge
April 10, 2020

CCAS Spotlight asked Columbian College students how they are managing stress and bringing joy to their daily routines while practicing social distancing. From exercise to poetry to sleeping in, they shared their secrets to self-care.



a plant being moved from one pot to another


  • Pints and pints of ice cream that I was too busy to eat during midterms – Martha D.
  • Writing poetry and sleeping in. – Olivia J.
  • Running around my neighborhood. It’s not the National Mall, but it’s still fun!! – Julia.
  • Becoming a tennis god. – Parker B.
  • Gardening! – Alejandra L.


a weight on the floor

Credit: My Fit Station

  • Reflection and organizing my thoughts to improve my relationships. – Gabriel Y.
  • Making my bed, getting ready for the day and making myself breakfast when I wake up. – Alexandra D.
  • Facetiming with friends! – Jules J.
  • Workout every morning as soon as you wake up. It keeps you active even from home. – Chirag J.



a piece of dough being rolled


  • Free streaming from the Metropolitan Opera. – Megan O.
  • Cleaning! – Abigail S.
  • Baking and enjoying a movie marathon. – Erika P.
  • Eating well. – JJ
  • Getting in touch with family members! – Robin C.


A laptop screen that reads "netflix, see what's next"


  • Video games. – Sabin M.
  • Lots of Netflix and backyard walks. – Maria C.
  • Catching up on sleep and practicing some sewing! – Miranda L.
  • Memes, they are what get me through the day. – Idrees.
  • Learning how to paint like Bob Ross! – Anna J.