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Senior Leisha Mahajan has recruited friends, family and fellow students to help make masks for Maryland hospitals.

Students Step Up During COVID Crisis

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many are finding ways to help out in a time of need. Meet two Columbian College students who are making a difference in their communities through mask-making and volunteer work at a foodbank.


Luke Fey with a face mask and protective shield over his face

Alumni on the COVID Frontlines, Two New York Physicians Fight On

As the coronavirus turned New York hospitals into crisis zones, Doctors Luke Fey, BS’ 13, and Alexandra Cummings, BS ’14, put themselves in harm’s way to confront a global medical emergency.
Reem Bahr, Isabella Rosa Guastaferro, Sofia Wahba and Ellie Flory

Student Writers Explore ‘New World’

How has the COVID crisis changed the world for students and their families? First-year students in Assistant Professor of Writing Christy J. Zink’s seminar shared their journal reflections on the challenges of living in “Our New World,” from confronting fears to finding new inspirations.


During World War II, Jews in France like Denise Bauman were required to carry identity cards.

Commemorating History’s Dark Chapter

History PhD student Ashley Valanzola is researching the stories of six extraordinary Jewish women—Holocaust survivors who worked to honor the memory of lives lost.


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