GWU-BNU Summer Statistics Research Virtual Forum 2021

GWU-BNU Summer Statistics Research Forum

This June, the Department of Statistics at GWU and the School of Statistics at Beijing Normal University present a three-day virtual research forum. This forum will share cutting-edge research topics in statistics theory, biostatistics, machine learning and big data, promote information exchange and collaboration between the two statistical programs, continue the tradition of the GWU-BNU summer program in statistics, and strengthen friendship between GWU and BNU. 

This forum will run from:

8am to 10am (US EDT)/8pm - 10pm (Beijing) from June 2nd 2021 - June 4th 2021, via Zoom.

Program Agenda


  • Welcoming Remarks from GWU and BNU leadership
  • Testing semiparametric model-equivalence hypotheses based on the characteristic function with Feifei CHEN, Assistant Professor, BNU

  • Modeling multivariate spatial data with Tatiyana Aponasovich, Associate Professor, GWU

  • Complex Likelihood Ratio Test for Genetic Pleiotropy with Model Free Assumption with Qiang WU, PhD candidate, BNU

  • On the Global Containment Profile of Hyperrecursive Trees with Joshua Spark, PhD candidate, GWU

  • Doubly Robust Estimation for Conditional Treatment Effect with Chuyun YE, PhD candidate, BNU

  • A Wavelet-Based Independence Test for Functional Data with an Application to MEG Functional Connectivity with Rui MIAO, PhD candidate, GWU


  • Bayesian multiple change-point detection for some random processes with Shaochuan LV, Professor, BNU

  • A projection-based consistent test incorporating dimension-reduction in partial linear models with Hua Liang, Professor, GWU

  • Avoided PM2.5-related health impacts from plastic waste recycling in China: the view of interregional and global perspectives with Qiao HUANG, PhD candidate, BNU

  • Some statistical issues of unobserved covariates in covariate randomized experiments with Yang LIU, PhD candidate, GWU

  • Order determination via sample splitting with Wenjun XIA, Master's Student, BNU

  • Extreme Quantile Regression with Xiang PENG, PhD candidate, GWU


  • Dimension reduction for covariates in network data with Junlong ZHAO, Professor, BNU

  • Nonparametric Tests of Independence based on Interpoint Distances, Reza Modarres, Professor, GWU

  • One-step Regularized Estimator for High-dimensional Regression Models, Yi WANG, PhD candidate, BNU

  • Heterogeneous Block Covariance Models for Cluster Analysis, Xiang LI, PhD candidate, GWU

  • Hypothesis Testing of Normal Mean Vector in Distributed Framework, Bin DU, PhD candidate, BNU

  • Uncertainty quantification in CNN through the bootstrap of convex neural network, Honefei DU, PhD student, GWU

  • Farewell & Pictures from our summer program with Qing PAN, Director of GWU-BNU Summer program