Undergraduate Admissions

Making history is in our DNA — is it in yours? For nearly 200 years, Columbian College has been transforming lives through research and discovery. If you are ambitious, creative, academically curious and eager for your own #OnlyatGW moments in Washington, D.C., you're ready to start your journey to GW.


Start Your Application

Whether you’re applying as a first year, transfer or international student, we welcome your interest. Before proceeding, please determine which type of applicant you are, as each group has unique application requirements, deadlines, eligibility information and scholarship opportunities.

Freshman Applicants

Apply as a First Year

If you are a high school senior or if you have never attended college since leaving high school or earning a GED, regardless of age, you are considered a first year applicant.

Transfer Students

Apply as a Transfer Student

If you have completed at least one college course since high school graduation or completing your GED, you are considered a transfer applicant.

International Students

Apply as an International Student

If you are a first year applicant who does not live in the United States or a transfer student from another country but are currently attending another U.S. institution, you need to complete additional steps to apply to GW.

Undergraduate Internal Transfer

Apply for an Internal GW Transfer

If you are a current GW undergraduate student who wants to transfer into Columbian College from a different GW school, you must submit the required paperwork.


The GW Difference


Zach Kahn

Zach Kahn

Organizational Sciences
BA '16

"GW is endowed with a unique ability to present students with a 'traditional' college experience coupled with a genuine taste of what it means to live, and work, in the 'real world.'"