Summer Abroad: A Global Learning Experience

February 1, 2012
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Ready to open your mind to new cultures and learning environments? Here’s your chance to immerse yourself in the  indigenous communities of the Amazon region; explore the ethnic frontiers of  China’s interior regions; dive into a deep analysis of London’s masterpieces; or take a field course on urban sustainability and development in Panama. Registration is now open in these and other short-term, for credit, summer abroad programs that promise to transport participants from the  lecture hall and into the global classroom!

Sustainability in Brazil’s Amazon Region 

Open to female undergraduate and graduate students, this course focuses on women's leadership in the Amazon region and their role in advancing social issues, promoting sustainable management of the forest, and balancing the economic benefits with the environmental and social costs of forest extraction.

Heritage, Tourism, and Development on China's Ethnic Frontiers

Did you know that while approximately 92% of China's 1.3 billion people are nominally Han Chinese, the 8% of the population that identifies as non-Han totals almost 100 million people? This program takes undergraduates to the interior regions of the People’s Republic of China to experience how its internal ethnic frontiers separate the historical cultural center of China from minority nationalities such as Mongolians, Tibetans, and Uyghurs.

Literature and Writing in Lithuania 

Meet and work with writers from around the world in this six-week class that will investigate the complexity of being a writer as witness. Four weeks of this class will be in Washington, D.C.; two weeks will be spent in Vilnius, Lithuania, where students will research, write, and explore a city haunted by many ghosts, including years of Nazi and Soviet occupation.  While in Vilnius, students will participate in a creative nonfiction workshop, daily lectures, and seminars, and go on field trips in and around the city.  

Refine Your Writing among London’s Literary Masterpieces 

What better way to see the great works and hone your writing skills than to bash around London’s museums and collections? This course invites students to explore historical collections and artwork in the National Gallery, British Museum, and various British heritage sites and then address the various controversial issues they represent through critical writing assignments, research, and class discussion.