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Luther Rice fellow Connor Delaney and Economics Professor Irene Foster

Economics for Dummies

January 14, 2015
Basic economic concepts can baffle even the most seasoned-scholars. But with the aid of easy-to-understand concept maps, a Luther Rice fellow may have cracked the comprehension conundrum.
Victoria Gonçalves

Political Science Sophomore Earns MSNBC's College ‘Women-in-Politics’ Honor

January 14, 2015
Victoria Gonçalves is a campus crusader, student government leader and proud advocate for Latino Americans. Now she’s among MSNBC’s top women in college politics. Is her next stop Capitol Hill?
J. Houston Miller and graduate student Michelle Bailey

A Race to the North

January 14, 2015
Alaska may be ground zero for global warming. As the region’s permafrost rapidly melts, Chemistry Professor J. Houston Miller and his students are racing to help defuse a climate time bomb.