Midterms and Finals: Sharing Helpful Ideas and Practices

We welcome you to join Daphna Atias, Educational Developer with GW's Instructional Core, and Trish Arnold, Instructional Designer with CCAS, to consider and share helpful ideas for administering exams and assessments during remote teaching. By the end of the session, we hope you will be able to Identify assessments that might be modified to account for remote teaching and learning concerns, apply helpful practices (e.g., inclusivity, academic integrity) to exam development and deployment, scaffold students in a project or large assignment to account for remote teaching and learning concerns, and recall GW units that can provide support to faculty and students. 



  • Sponsored/initiated by: Trish Arnold, CCAS Instructional Designer
  • Co-hosted with: Dapha Atias, Educational Developer, Faculty Development, LAI


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