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Kate Birmingham

Digging Up D.C. History

November 11, 2015
Don’t tell archaeologist Kate Birmingham, MA ’10, that discoveries are only made in far off deserts. With the National Park Service, the Museum Studies alumna is bringing history home, uncovering the District’s history of Native American settlements and shocking slave plantations.
Pariera’s class on Sexual Communications

Let’s Talk About Sex

November 11, 2015
Embarrassed. Awkward. Uncomfortable. That’s how most of us feel when we talk about sex. But in Katrina Pariera’s new course on Sexual Communications, all topics are on the table, and what’s said in class, stays in class.
Danny Hayes

Are Female Candidates Still Running Against Gender Bias?

November 11, 2015
Female political candidates face daunting obstacles on the campaign trail. But they may not be the ones you think. In an historic election season, Political Science’s Danny Hayes discusses what’s really hindering a woman’s road to the White House.