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Senior Maz Obuz and Elliot School graduate Evan Young, BA ’15

From Cross-Disciplinary Study to the Slums of India, Students’ Business Plan is Changing Lives

October 14, 2015
Maz Obuz and Evan Young transformed a classroom assignment into a business blueprint for solving the world’s sanitation crisis. After winning the GW Upstart D-Prize and a GW New Venture Competition award, they traveled to India with a plan to restore health and dignity to the slums of Dharavi.
Stephanie Travis

Can Stephanie Travis Save Sketching?

October 14, 2015
Today’s architects spend more time at their computer screens than their sketchbooks. But don’t tell Stephanie Travis that drawing is dead. With a new sketching instruction book, she’s on a mission to revive pen and paper in the digital age.
Guangying Wu works with genetically engineered mice to understand the link between schizophrenia and auditory hallucinations.

Silencing Schizophrenia

October 14, 2015
Many of the world’s 55 million schizophrenia sufferers are plagued by auditory hallucinations—and science isn’t sure why. Psychology's Guangying Wu is using lasers, ultrasound and mice to finally bring them peace of mind.