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Virus for Web

Researchers Identify Signature of Microbiomes Associated With Schizophrenia

August 25, 2015
In the most comprehensive study to date, a research team led by Eduardo Castro-Nallar, a Ph.D. candidate at GW’s Computational Biology Institute (CBI), have identified a potential link between microbes (viruses, bacteria and fungi) in the throat and schizophrenia. This link may offer a way to identify causes and develop treatments of the disease and lead to new diagnostic tests.
A stack of books

A Sampling of New Books by Columbian College Faculty

August 12, 2015
What do digital media, a pioneering African American TV show and the ecological history of stone have in common? There are all among the prolific and varied topics addressed in books by Columbian College faculty this year.
Sanjit Sethi

GW Names Inaugural Director of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

August 12, 2015
Longtime arts advocate and educator Sanjit Sethi will head the GW Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Mr. Sethi brings extensive experience in the past decade as an artist and educator, having served for the last two years as director of the Santa Fe Art Institute. Mr. Sethi will begin his post on Oct. 1.
Elizabeth Chacko

Elizabeth Chacko: The Thrill of Discovery

August 12, 2015
As a geography professor and department chair, Elizabeth Chacko approaches academia as a scientific adventure—replete with inquiry, discovery and excitement. Now she’s bringing her commitment to research and her passion for education to her new role as associate dean for undergraduate studies.
Figure of estimated body mass vs. true body mass

New Analysis Suggests Body Size Increase Did Not Play A Role in the Origins of Homo Genus

August 03, 2015
A new analysis of early hominin body size evolution led by Mark Grabowski, Assistant Research Professor in the GW Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology, suggests that the earliest members of the Homo genus may not have been larger than earlier hominin species.