Featured Stories

Professor of History Dan Schwartz

Ghetto: Chronicling a Word’s Tortured History

August 15, 2019
In his new book, Daniel Schwartz examines the centuries-old past of the word “ghetto” and how it has come to symbolize both pain and pride.
Eve Boyle is standing in front of two primate skeletons at the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology lab.

The Torso Connection

July 10, 2019
Research findings by Human Paleobiology doctoral student Eve Boyle challenge the widely accepted scientific theory connecting a primate's torso size to its diet.
A woman wearing goggles and a lab coat is looking into a microscope in a lab.

Pathways to Discovery

July 10, 2019
From combating climate change in the Arctic to finding life in the ocean depths, major research grants awarded to CCAS scholars this past year are opening new doors to knowledge.
Headshot of Philosophy Professor David DeGrazia

Inhumane or Unavoidable? Framing Animal Research Ethics

July 10, 2019
With scientists, activists and the public split over the value of animal testing, Philosophy's David DeGrazia hopes to guide them toward common ground.
Xolela Mangcu Headshot

Shadows of Apartheid

June 12, 2019
Twenty-five years after apartheid, Xolela Mangcu is writing the first African-authored biography of Nelson Mandela—and urging young people to continue fighting injustice.
Mary Tschirhart sitting on a bench outside of Phillips Hall that says "George Washington University."

CCAS Dean Names New Trachtenberg School Director

June 12, 2019
Mary Tschirhart, an expert on nonprofit management and governance, will take over as the school’s newly-appointed director in August.
Archaeologists study the sediments at the Bokol Dora site.

Oldest Evidence of Stone Tool Production Discovered in Ethiopia

June 12, 2019
Anthropology’s David Braun joined an archaeological team in Ethiopia that discovered the oldest evidence of stone tool production, dating back more than 2.58 million years.
A ghost forest of trees stripped of their bark by salt and the sun, at the Chesapeake Bay.

Study Highlights Vulnerability of Rural Coast to Sea-Level Rise

June 12, 2019
A new study by Biology's Keryn Gedan highlights the threat that climate change poses to rural land, including the potential loss of farm acreage as water rises.
Corcoran Director Sanjit Sethi

Sanjit Sethi Named President of Minneapolis Art and Design

May 08, 2019
Sethi oversaw reincarnation of Columbian College’s Corcoran School of Arts and Design and brought focus to advancing creative scholarship.
HNN Editor-in-Chief Kyla Sommers, BA ’13, PhD ’19, and author Sidney Blumenthal (Photo: Long Nguyen)

History News Network Comes to CCAS

May 08, 2019
History News Network, which brings historical perspective to current events, is now managed by the Department of History. Kyla Sommers, BA ’13, PhD ’19, was named HNN editor-in-chief.
A graduation cap with the text "next stop every where GW anthropology MA 2018" engraved on top

Chase Your Dreams!

May 08, 2019
Columbian College alumni from media, entertainment, politics and other industries, offer advice to the Class of 2019 for achieving professional and personal success.
Senior Mackenzie White showcased her study of Medieval meteorology at GW Research Days.

Medieval Astrologists as Weather Forecasters?

May 08, 2019
Senior Mackenzie White’s undergraduate thesis on Medieval meteorology unearthed ancient almanacs that revealed which way the wind blew.
Chemistry PhD student Monica Flores at Science and Engineering Hall examining a new NASA telescope

Sky’s the Limit: Eco-Telescope Lands at GW

May 08, 2019
From the sidewalks of SEH to the reaches of the sun, J. Houston Miller’s new NASA telescope can measure greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere—and may transform climate science.
Jacob Holl, an English graduate student and U.S. Army captain, speaks to Marshal Alcorn’s Dean’s Seminar on Violence and Trauma.

Trauma Under Fire

April 10, 2019
English graduate student Jacob Holl has traveled from the battlefield to the classroom. The combat veteran shared his insights with first-year students.
2019 GW 3MT Presentation - Elizabeth Pertner

Speed Thesis: 3MT Comes to Columbian College

April 10, 2019
Columbian College PhD students stepped up to a speed-challenge in the college’s first Three Minute Thesis Competition. Political Science’s Elizabeth Pertner won first prize.