Update: COVID-19 Impact on Summer Sessions

Note: While the majority of undergraduate and graduate programs will remain online in the wake of COVID-19, courses that require in-person instruction or research will take place on campus. Traditionally in-person courses that will be taught online will be noted as Remote on the Registrar’s website. Remote classes will meet synchronously at their published times, only online rather than in person. Courses labeled Online are those which have traditionally been taught online during the summer and are taught asynchronously — coursework and assignments must be completed by the designated times but can be done on a schedule convenient to the student. If you have questions about a course, contact the relevant professor or department.

Summer G-PACs

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Course Attribute Code G-PAC Requirement
CAA Arts
CAH Humanities


Quantitative Reasoning


Social Science


Oral Communication
CGCC Global/Cross-Cultural


Local/Civic Engagement

CSCI Natural or Physical Science


Multiple G-PAC Summer Courses

Several summer courses enable students to complete at least two General Education Curriculum (G-PAC) requirements with a single course. If you have questions about using a particular course to fulfill a GPAC requirement, please contact your CCAS Academic Advisor


Subject Course Course Title G-PAC 1 G-PAC 2 G-PAC 3
AMST/HIST 2020W Washington DC: History, Culture, & Politics Humanities Local/Civic Engagement WID
AMST/HIST 2610 Science, Technology, & Politics Humanities Global/Cross-Cultural  
ANTH 1001 Biological Anthropology Natural or Physical Science Global/Cross-Cultural  
ANTH 1002 Sociocultural Anthropology Social Science    
ANTH 1004 Language in Culture & Society Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural Oral Communication
ANTH 3704 Cultures of Southeast Asia Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural Oral Communication
BISC 1005 Biology of Nutrition & Health Natural or Physical Science    
CHEM 1003

Contemporary Sci-Nonsci Majors

Natural or Physical Science    
CHEM 1111

General Chemistry I

Natural or Physical Science    
CHEM 1112

General Chemistry II

Natural or Physical Science    
COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication Social Science Oral Communication  
ECON 1011 Principles of Economics I Social Science    
ECON 1012

Principles of Economics II

Social Science    
ENGL 1210

Intro to Creative Writing

Social Science    
ENGL 2411W

Intro to English Literature II

Humanities WID  

Postcol/Race/Gender Lit & Film

Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural
FREN 2005

Language, Culture & Society I

Oral Communication    
FREN 2006

Language, Culture & Society II

Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural
GEOG 1001 Intro to Human Geography Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural  
GEOG 1003 Society and Environment Social Science Local/Civic Engagement  
GEOL 1001

Physical Geology

Natural or Physical Science    
GEOL 1002

Historical Geology

Natural or Physical Science    
GEOL 1005

Environmental Geology

Natural or Physical Science    
GER 2091 Intro to German Lit (in English) Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural
HIST 1011 World History, 1500-Present Humanities Global/Cross-Cultural  
HIST 1310 American History to 1877 Humanities Global/Cross-Cultural  
HIST 1311 American History since 1877 Humanities Global/Cross-Cultural  
HIST 3044W Price of Freedom: Normandy 1944 Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural
MATH 1007 Mathematics and Politics Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 1008

History of Mathematics

Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 1051 Finite Math - Social & Mgt Sci Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 1231 Single-Variable Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 1232

Single-Variable Calculus II

Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 1252

Calculus - Social & Mgt Sciences

Quantitative Reasoning    
MATH 2233

Multivariable Calculus

Quantitative Reasoning    
MUS 1104

Topics in Music

PHIL 1051

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2125W Philosophy of Race and Gender Humanities Global/Cross-Cultural WID
PHIL 2131 Ethics: Theory & Applications Humanities    
PHIL 2132W Social & Political Philosophy Humanities WID  
PHIL 2140

Love, Sex, and Friendship

PHIL 3142W

Philosophy of Law

Humanities Local/Civil Engagement WID
PHYS 1011

General Physics I

Natural or Physical Science    
PHYS 1012 General Physics II Natural or Physical Science    
PHYS 1021

University Physics I

Natural or Physical Science    
PHYS 1022

University Physics II

Natural or Physical Science    
PSC 1001

Intro to Comparative Politics

Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural  
PSC 1002

Intro to American Politics & Government

Social Science Local/Civil Engagement  
PSTD 1010 Intro to Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural
PSYC 2011 Abnormal Psychology Social Science    
PSYC 2013 Developmental Psychology Social Science    
SLHS 1011 Voice and Diction Oral Communication    
SLHS 1071 Foundations of Human Communication Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural  
SLHS 1072 Multicultural Issues - Human Communication Social Science Global/Cross-Cultural  
SMPA 2101 Journalism: Theory & Practice Social Science    
SOC 1002 The Sociological Imagination Social Science Local/Civic Engagement  
SOC 2169 Urban Sociology Social Science    
SPAN 2006 Advanced Spanish II Humanities Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural


Intensive Advanced Spanish


Oral Communication Global/Cross-Cultural


Intro to Business & Economic Statistics

Quantitative Reasoning    
STAT 1053

Intro to Statistics in Social Science

Quantitative Reasoning    


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