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Laura Papish, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Dean's Seminar Takes 'Wild' Ride Through Love, Sex and Friendship

March 11, 2015
Don’t expect to sit quietly in Laura Papish’s Dean’s Seminar on Love, Sex and Friendship. Her philosophy class includes raucous free-flowing debates on topics from Aristotle to sexual politics to The Bachelor.
Brain image

Recovering After a Stroke: Unlocking the Brain’s Secret Strategy

March 11, 2015
A new study by Summer Sheremata, from Columbian College’s Attention and Cognition Laboratory, deciphers the brain’s strategy for recovering from strokes, and could lead to therapies for restoring visual perception.
Cassandra Good, BA ’04, MA ’05

Alumna Uncovers Private Lives of Founding Fathers—and Mothers

March 11, 2015
From Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, men and women in the early American republic risked scandal when they forged friendships. American Studies alumna Cassandra Good, BA ’04, MA ’05, divulges the significance of their relationships.
Dean Ben Vinson and Daniel E. Martínez

The Human Face of Immigration

March 11, 2015
In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Assistant Professor of Sociology Daniel E. Martínez reveals the often tragic personal stories behind the politics of immigration reform.
A Poverty of Words book cover

A Poverty of Words

March 06, 2015
Frederick Pollack, adjunct professor of creative writing, authored this collection of poems that were hand-selected from his manuscripts. Representing years of dedicated writing, this book contains poems that highlight opinions and observations on a variety of topics.