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Gilbert Cisneros, BA ’94, and family

Gilbert Cisneros’ Good Fortune Changes Student Lives

June 17, 2014
Alumnus Gilbert Cisneros, BA ’94, and his wife, Jacki, donated $1 million of lottery winnings to aid GW students. Now he’s seeing how giving back helps young Latinos get ahead.
Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Retiring Professor’s Legacy

June 17, 2014
The landscape of East Asian studies at Columbian College has been transformed under the leadership of Professor Young-Key Kim-Renaud, who steps down this month as chair of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department. But beyond her leadership role, Kim-Renaud has been a strong mentor and generous contributor to advancing the study of the humanities.
Corcoran College of Art + Design

The Corcoran Comes to GW: Columbian College’s Key Role

June 17, 2014

Columbian College is poised as a pivotal player in the historic partnership between GW, the National Gallery of Art, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Corcoran College of Art + Design.

Photo of book cover Gli Spinelli Di Firenze

Gli Spinelli Di Firenze

June 11, 2014
Written by Philip Jacks, Associate Professor of Art History, and William Caferro, Gli Spinelli Di Firenze is a beautiful book depicting Italian artwork. The images consist of landscapes, sculptures and paintings.
GW Alumni Association Selects New President-Elect

GW Alumni Association Selects New President-Elect

June 09, 2014
Jeremy Gosbee, BA '98, MBA '02, was selected president-elect of the GW Alumni Association Board of Directors, and will succeed Steve Frenkil, BA ’74, as president in June 2015.